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Ferrari FXX

August 27, 2016 · in Automotive · · 32 · 2.7K

Hi again folks, this is the kit of the legendary FXX.

The car was released for sale in 2005 and is a non road legal track car based on the Enzo. It has a 6.3 litre V12 engine generating roughly 800 bhp and all the gadgets offering almost F1 levels of performance. Ferrari originally made twenty nine cars, but made one more for Michael Schumacher on his retirement from Formula one taking the fleet up to thirty.

Now there is something totally unique about the FXX. As with the Enzo, you could not physically buy one unless you were invited to by Ferrari, but also you could not keep the car... The cars were all stored by Ferrari at the factory in Maranello then delivered to tracks for specially organised Ferrari events for the owners. So technically you would be invited to pay £2 million for a car that you didn't really own!

The purpose of the FXX program was for Ferrari to develop their F1 technology, installing new gadgets and gizmos in the cars, with all track day data and schematics recorded and given to the engineers and scientists. In 2009 they upgraded the cars to the FXX Evoluzione ( for a further 1.2 million euros ) which then tuned them up to 850 bhp. Theoretically this gave them a top speed of 250 mph which could be reached in under 40 seconds, and a 0-62 mph time of 2.5 seconds.

In 2015 one of the cars was sold to a private UK collector and was made road legal! There is a fantastic video one You tube of Guy Martin testing it out.

I did a work in progress over in the groups for more details on the build stages, all though it does go very off-topic as usual! Thanks to those that followed the WIP, and thanks for looking in. Cheers!

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  1. Beautiful work all around, sir...I like that.

  2. Great to see her in Headlines Richard.
    As Craig said "Beautiful work all round."

  3. Whoah! Great looking model!

  4. That is really nice…….

  5. A "Stella" job, Richard, great to see that you managed to load the pictures, and I really enjoyed the WIP as well. The red seems OK in these pictures, must be that elusive Newcastle sun.

    • Cheers George, thanks! Yeah they loaded in the end. I enjoy doing the WIP's especially with automotive builds to expose all that engine detail that is normally lost on the final model. Cheers for following.
      I'm glad it looks red in the natural light. I dare to think who would order a bright pink one...

  6. Are you sure these aren't photos of the real thing? great work.

  7. Yes lovely "model" Richard.

  8. Wow , you've done a terrific job on this Rich ,really excellent.

  9. Wow, that's one excellent build. It looks fast just sitting still.

    • Cheers Tom! Yes they are insanely fast. At the time of its release, it went round the top gear test track about 5 seconds faster than anything else had before. It didn't stay on the board though as it isn't road legal.

  10. As with the Enzo, you could not physically buy one unless you were invited to by Ferrari, but also you could not keep the car…. So technically you would be invited to pay £2 million for a car that you didn’t really own!

    The Ferrari millionaires club is what your buying into. Neat model and article Richard. Tesla is offering their S car for 134,200 dollars U.S. and it can do 0-60 in 2.5 seconds. No vrrroooom or smoke from the exhaust...the Geeks vs the Motorheads. My how things have changed.

    • Cheers Stephen, thank you. I like the Tesla, really fast acceleration from those electric motors. I would like an electric car but they still aren't a realistic alternative yet in my eyes...

  11. super cool man

  12. WOW, what a great build Richard, I like it very much.

  13. Excellent build and presentation. Car modelling at its finest !

  14. Rich, this is beautiful. I'd soooo love to drive one, and yours looks as if I could get in and take off!

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