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Revell/Monogram 1/48 P-47D Thunderbolt

August 5, 2016 · in Aviation · · 18 · 3.6K

I seem to be stuck on building old and kits of late. Here's my latest effort at trying to build an old uncomplicated kit so that it looks well. Copyright on the box is 1998 and it appears it's been recently re-released by Revell with new box art and decals. Not sure who did the kit first, Revell or Monogram. Either way it went together well, hardly used any putty, I did cut out the Nav lights and replaced them with clear scrap. The cockpit is molded as one piece which makes painting no small task. An after market cockpit would be great if one exists for this model. I did use a P-47D hardness decal from a Tamiya kit I have in my stash. Other than that the cockpit is stock. .

The gun barrels as well as the pitot tube are molded into the wing and of course in handling I broke off a barrel. Also used an aftermarket drop tank as the one provided in the kit was missing. One of the reasons why I guess it only cost $5. The kit decals were shot so I used an AeroMaster set, 48-083, and they really went down well. Highly recommend them. Tamiya paint, AS-17 gloss aluminum, along with Model Master paint was used then over sprayed with Model Mater semi-gloss lacquer from a rattle can. The A/C depicted is from the 65th FS,57th FG, 1944. Now turn off the computer and go build something.

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  1. Nice lookin' build, Tom...I like it ('course, I'm a s****r for Jugs anyway). 🙂

  2. The kit was originally a Monogram release, early 70s and re-released many times, an adaptation of the "bubbletop" that appeared in 1969.

    I believe True Details did make a resin cockpit for this many years ago, likely long OOP because the kit has been transcended by latger releases, but you might look around for it.

    On minor niggling point: the canopy is pushed way to far back - would only be back to the headrest.

    Nice work on the kit. The name tells you what kind of environment the 57th FG operated in (their story is also in The Bridgebusters). 57th FG was the first USAAF FG to go into combat outside of the far east, arriving in support of the British in Egypt in late July 1942 and fighting from there through to the end in Italy.

    • Wow, didn't know this kit was that old. Reference the canopy, it's not glued down so it slides further back every time I move the model. Should have noted that when taking the pics.

  3. Great looking Jug Tom.

  4. Their original bubbletop had some niggles, so they did this, and corrected them. Still a good representation of the Razorback, particularly if you're on a budget and you can find it at a show or on a sale table. Good nostalgia or weekend build, too.

  5. Awesome build of one of my favorite kits.
    Brian Riedel

  6. Monogram, always good.
    So also this example. Job well done.

  7. very nice scheme

  8. Well, I think we all know by now what a jug-fan is, and I'm definitely one of them! This one looks great, thanks for sharing it with us.

  9. Great looking build! I'm also working on a very old and poor quality kit of a Jug - 1/72 Ace kit. I decided to practice a few new techniques for NMF on it! Jury's still out, but hey - it's another Jug - so what's not to like!

  10. Great job on the "Old" Monogram Razorback. They are fun kits and a great canvass for AMS if the modeler so desires. Great markings, the Blue 40 sets it off nicely.

  11. Nice detailing.

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