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Bronco P-40C

September 17, 2016 · in Aviation · · 16 · 2.3K

For all you afficianados, have released a new P-40C in , price around $50. Check out the extensive review of the kit posted today at

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  1. Hi mate, great review. Just jetting you know you have a typo in your link. I should be o. 🙂

  2. Very good review indeed. For what one has to pay for this kit, then having to work it to get it accurate, I have come to the conclusion that I will stick to the good old Monogram P-40.

  3. Never built anything by Bronco, and as Seamus mentioned, I think I'll pass on this one...(but thanks for the info & link).

  4. For half the price, the Airfix kit - actually modeled from an actual P-40C (the silver one at Duxford restored by Fighter Rebuilders at Chino) - will be vastly superior to a poor kit based on the craptological Trumpeter 1/32 kit and designed by someone who has never been within 50 miles of an actual airplane. The Airfix kit will be released October 1.

  5. Way too pricey for me, Yeh monogram... and airfix

  6. You mean you guys aren't swayed by all the pretty pictures!? ?

  7. You couldn't pay me to waste time on this one. What were they thinking? Airfix is due out soon my Hobby connection says I get the first two. BTW the box art on Bronco's Desert RAF version looks like a drawing of the Tomahawk I did in 6th grade. Bronco has done a lot of good stuff but not this one.

  8. One word, Rob...Airfix!

  9. I thought this one might exercise everyone's spleen, but I!ve been surprised at the strength of conviction nonetheless.

    On the Airfix stand at Tekfird they always have a range of new kits either just released or at CAD stage. Hopefully their own P-40, among others, will get the big promotion this year (six weeks to go!).

  10. Excellent! The photos with it are great! Maybe the actual build will be better ... but maybe not!

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