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‘Different’ Defiant

Not simply a 'great kit', in my opinion, one of the best fitting and rewarding kits of any manufacturer that I've built in years. No I'm not one of those folks that screamed and shouted for a 48th in the past, to tell the truth I don't really care about the 'type'. However, as a 'kit' it was/is fabulous.

Built straight from the box with only the very old generic 'RAF Seatbelts' etch set from Eduard. If you haven't built one and are planning to do so, I'd strongly advise you get the Eduard masking set - I didn't realise until I started applying the masks that there's another row of tiny windows between the main vertical and topside ones on the sliding part of the canopy !

As ever thanks for taking the time to look and/or comment. All criticism, comment and questions welcomed.



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  1. Nice job. I built the classic airframes kit,mso won't do one of these, but if I had the time back, I'd have done this one. Didn't exist at the time. Love your work.

  2. Although I've always thought that this was one of the ugliest aircraft produced, your build has me leaning toward "not so bad after all". This actually looks darn good to me - you've done her justice, Ian.

  3. Great build Ian, Airfix have definitely upped their game is recent years.

  4. Ian, is this one of those Air/Sea rescue aircraft? Looks like EDSG/Slate Grey uppers, and coupled with the red sqdn codes, that's what I figure.
    Take the turret off, and the lines aren't all that bad.

  5. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the Airfix Defiant looks as if its going to be a contemporary "Classic" kit. Airfix has a knack for improving each new release with more details and making kits that are build-able for a reasonable price. Ian your build looks some strong work and brings out the best in this kit. Looking forward to seeing your next build. Holding breath for the Airfix P-40 release and hoping that its as good if not better than the Defiant.

  6. "Ian your builds looks to be some ..."

    I love the edited function on this site and my editor who drinks too much coffee.

  7. Beautiful work, Ian. It really is a great kit. I like the ASR version, I've got those Xtradecals for one.

  8. There's parts on the sprue for a/the nightfighter version, as well. Maybe the one with the sharkmouth? Overall "night", which will be an interesting painting challenge. Really matt. The original could take skin off, it was so rough.

  9. Thank you folks, as ever I am really grateful for the positive comments it's a pleasure to be able to share these builds with you.

    Yep I'm looking forward to the P-40B aswell however because I love familier types in unfamilier colours I'm going to be pushed to do one that isn't an AVG or 112 Squadron machine.

    AFN friends, next a grey jet or a pick-up truck !


  10. Thanks for the pointers Ian. I have this on on my shelf in the que. Great job. Makes me want to move mine up in line.

  11. I have the 1/72 version. Hope mine turns out as well as yours! Great job!

  12. You've made the best of what is obviously a great kit, thanks for sharing it with us. I remember as a kid being excited about Airfix's first Defiant 1/72 kit, wow, a fighter with a turret!

  13. Fabulous build Ian! Love the color scheme. I built an old Airfix 1/72 Defiant in the night fighter scheme, but the scheme you chose is more visually interesting. Love your weathering!

  14. Very nice build Ian, I like it.

  15. Great work! I like the ASR scheme, something different.

  16. Another winner from Airfix! Beautifully done Ian.

  17. Thanks Ian, nice to see, great scheme I'll have to get me one.

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