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Douglas Skyraider A-1H

September 16, 2016 · in Aviation · · 41 · 3.8K

This model is the Tamya 1/48 A-1H kit from Us Navy (USS Midway).

I got CMK complementary set (n°4017) but except internal details under the right exhaust pipes, it's not very interesting given the complete and detailed original Tamya parts.
For wings folding, i used the dediacated Airwaves etched parts set (n° AC48-098). Parts are flat, can be doubled and it could be better to used them as template for engraving plastic card for a more realistic result.

In june 1965, this aircraft (piloted by Clint Johnson) was in formation over North Vietnam with three other Skyraiders. They received a warning message from a radar destroyer that « Bandits » had been picked up : two Mig-17, 6 o'clock, 4 miles. The Spads executed the standard split-S turns as an instinctive survival manoeuvre, and headed for the ground.
One Mig now closed the Skyraider of Lieutenant C Hartman who dumped his two 300-gallon drop tanks ; this made his Skyraider rear up and surprised the Mig pilot who had openend fire : missed ! He then pulled up and headed off to the north, apparently low on fuel.
The second Mig was of sterner stuff and attacked and the fight deteriorated into a whirling mêlée. The Mig pilot made a determined direct run at the two planes from lieutenants Greathouse and Lynne's flight, apparently forgetting the two other Spad from Johnson and Hartman. This mistake gave Hartman and Johnson their opportunity, and they pumped out ninety and fifty rounds of 20mm respectively into the oncoming Mig at point-blank range. Its cockpit desintegrated and, at high speed, and flying straight and level, the ennemy aircraft passed between the two AD-Hs, before veering over on one wing and crashing into one of the ridges on the starboard side of the valley.
The whole battle had lasted three minutes.
(from Peter C Smith, in the book « Douglas AD Skyraider », Crowood series).

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  1. Christian, beautiful build. Looks really nice, and thanks for the exciting story.

  2. Wonderful Spad sir.
    Tamiya do a grand job of tooling this plane.

  3. One of my favorite aircraft...and also one of my favorite "Dogfights" episode. ("Gun Kills of Vietman"). I did one a while back, but didn't have the same stunning look you've captured here. Exemplary build, sir...well done and photographed I might add. Very well done (after all, it IS a Tamiya) - lol

  4. Beautiful build! There's just so much about a Skyraider to love, and you've captured this one very nicely. Great detail work as well.

  5. Lovely job, Christian.

  6. Aah, exquisite. The Skyraider is such a grateful modeling subject

  7. Masterpiece! Fine plane - great model. I like both. Thank you for many photos & the story to enjoy.

    • Thank you very much !
      I read you had several decades without modlelling : the same to me, now at 65 ! It's the case for many modellers who go back to their passion when retired.

  8. Beautifully detaited aircraft Great build


  9. Beautifully done Christian.

  10. Great work. Great story.

  11. Cool build mate, really stands out!

  12. That Skyraider is so clean, there must be something wrong with it. No Spad driver would ever risk his life in such am airplane! 🙂

    Very nice work.

  13. Great build and diorama. Do you think the pilot would help the BB stackers hump the bombs? Maybe its clean because it just had a fresh water wash down.

  14. Christian, I love your comment about photoetch versus plastic card.
    Great rendition of the Skyraider, one of two improbable aerial combats resulting in the jet losing. Somewhere Jimmy Thach is grinning...
    Be nice if Tamiya did a 1/48th widebody SPAD, or a -4 Corsair. They've got the basis for both, certainly.

    • The 1/48 AD-4W has been recently reissued by Italeri,
      What concern phototech, Airwaves notice itself gives the good advice that i would adopt for next built.
      I appreciate your comments about this Spad rendition, Bernard, thank you.

  15. Your story reads like a novel, Christian.
    Hats off for both the novel and the modelling.
    (I especially like the semi semi semi gloss shine.)

  16. that is one fine piece of work...killer

  17. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Very nice work on that SPAD. Your attention to detail's is very keen. The weathering is very well achieved and not over done, very nice looking model, certainly one too be proud of .

  18. Just a beautiful build of a beautiful aircraft! This is one of my favorite aircraft and modeling subjects. You did it justice and then some ! I built a few Skyraiders including the Tamiya but then stopped many years ago. I really want to build another one soon but I think I will try a 1/32 version, maybe the SWS kit if I can get some funds for this.

    • Thank you Paul. A friend who built the SWS was not so happy with it. It's only one opinion, personally, i don't know.
      Yes, this is the kind of plane that is worth building multiple times !

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