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Beechcraft T-34 C Turbo Mentor

October 8, 2016 · in Aviation · · 20 · 2.6K

I am posting this scale on behalf of a fellow club member of mine, Dean Winfield. (I am not sure if I am allowed to upload on behalf of someone, so if I am breaking any iModeler rules please forgive my transgression.)

This is a Beechcraft C Turbo Mentor light strike aircraft in the colours and markings of the Argentinian Navy. The kit is produced by Czech Model and Dean has scratch built parts of the cockpit. The model was sprayed with Humbrol enamels.

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  1. This guy's got some skills. Unfortunately for you the iModeler police are approaching your house even as I write this...

    • The doors are locked and I have batten down the hatches. Hope I don't get a lifetime ban! He is very skilled. Still have to persuade him to post online.

  2. Beautiful build, hope we will see more from Dean.

  3. Morne,

       My compliments to Dan. Not an easy kit to do, from what I've seen, and one you don't see all that often.   

    I hope you avoid the knout, and show trial.

  4. Morne. Dan has done a nice looking build here, nice paint work, and good touch on the weathering. Well done all around !

  5. Very neat job on a seldom seen model, come on, Dean, join iModeler, it's easy and great fun.

  6. Very nice. and an unusual subject.

  7. Don't see one of these very often. Dan has done a nice job on this one. Post some more Dan.

  8. What a great model! What do we have to do to get Dean posting more of his work here for all to admire?

  9. Hi guys.
    Thanks Morne for posting this for me. I've just joined up so will be posting some more soon.
    I'm humbled by all the good comments, thanks gentlemen.

  10. Well, well Morne you are our first I Modeler criminal, you had better post a kit of your own in the up coming weeks to avoid being sentenced to scratch building a 747 in 1/24th scale. Nice build though Dean . Thanks for posting this Morne.

  11. Nice work, Morne...Ilike it.

  12. If Dean is reading this - great looking Mentor! Look forward to seeing more of his work.

  13. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Great looking Mentor model. The fact that Dean used Argentinian markings make it all more interesting and varied, the same goes for the color scheme. Like Greg, I too look forward to seeing more of his work.
    Thanks for sharing these pictures Morne, keep on with your task of persuasion.

  14. Hello Morne and Dean,
    Thanks for sharing this excellent build with us.
    As mentioned above, always good to see AC from the Argentine Forces.
    Regards from The Netherlands.

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