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F-104 Norwegian Air Force (In the air again)

I found this out recently. The Norwegian Air Force Historic Flight is active again with a
TF-104 starfighter.
Have to see.

5 responses to F-104 Norwegian Air Force (In the air again)

  1. Happy to see the Satrfighter still active.
    I’m just going to build it (Eduard 1/48).

  2. Good stuff….thanks for posting this. 🙂

  3. Ahh the sweet sound of a J-79 in a beautiful aircraft.

  4. Fun! Gotta couple of these in the stash – just gotta have time to get to ’em… (more caffein?)

  5. Neat to see it with an F-16. Of all active fighters flying today I would argue the Viper is most closely aligned with the spirit of the Starfighter. Small, single engine, high performance, similar landing gear. A J79 even powered a variant of the F-16! Great to see another one in the air! If only Rick Svetkov would bring his to shows a little more often. (It was great seeing TWO fly together at EAA!)

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