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1/700 HMS Barham

September 23, 2018 · in Ships · · 8 · 7.5K

HMS Barham was torpedoed by U-331, 25 November 1941. Three of the four torpedo boats hit HMS Barham. She sank in a massive explosion four minutes after her incline, with 862 casualties. · on youtube

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8 responses

  1. Brilliant craftsmanship as always, my friend...

  2. You really excel on these sea-war dioramas! What a fantastic work! Congratulations!

    "862 casualties"

    My God, war is the most insane and cruel act that our species can commit!...



  3. Wow! That is just incredible. You have the moment before she heeled over caught absolutely perfectly with "photographic" accuracy. I can hear the water sloshing over her and the cries of those men gathered forward. And all in 1/700! Amazing work. Your sea war dioramas are sooo good.

  4. Well made model. It shows a scene not commonly seen; a boat listing from heavy damage. The water washing up on the deck looks particularly well. The men gathering on deck already know that the boat may sink. Sad to imagine all that anguish. The model sure does impart such strong emotions, and that in itself is a sign of good modelling, in my humble opinion. Well done Won-hui Lee.

  5. An excellent diorama. Gave me pause to reflect on the 862 deaths. May they rest in peace.

  6. Another absolute beauty - just love it!

  7. My father was serving aboard HMS Valiant at this time. He recalled Valiant had to make an emergency turn to avoid the Barham as the impact of the torpedoes virtually stopped her dead. I have newspaper cuttings from later in the war showing the loss of Barham as a 'now it can be told' story.
    Excellent modelling as ever.

  8. Won-hui you've done it again, another masterpiece. This one is not only well done, but very interesting giving the historical significance into this scene we've probably all seen of the explosive end of this event. Well Done !

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