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VW Beetle Afrika Korps 1942

December 29, 2016 · in Automotive · · 16 Comments

A friend asked me to transform his scale VW 1950 model into a Afrika Korps vehicle from 1942. The model is not the type of VW Beetle used in 1942 since it's a civilian 1950 type. The diecast model was stripped down, paint removed and resprayed with Modelmaster Armor Sand. The decals were custom made by MAV decals.

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16 responses

  1. Nice job on the "renovation", Morne...I used a similar technique on some NASCAR diecast examples back in my 'stock car' period (gave up on 'em years ago - too many changes to keep up with in drivers, numbers, colors, sponsors, etc.) - don't see all that many split-window Bugs anymore.

  2. Thanks Craig. The model is made by NEX.

  3. It looks the part, Morne, although I suspect there are a number of detail differences. James May, he of Top Gear fame, made an interesting TV series called Cars of the People, or maybe it's called the Peoples' Cars, one of which was the history of the VW Beetle, very interesting.

  4. Lots of detail differences. Bumpers, chrome styling on the doors etc and interior differences. Wartime Beetles had different type tyres.

  5. Impressive result, Morne. Looks fantastic 🙂

    • Vielen dank Bernd. It looks very nice in DAK insignia and desert sand. The VW Auto Pavilion in Uitenhage South Africa has many photos in their collection of wartime Beetles with sand and olivgrun camo as well. The VW factory in Uitenhage produced thousands of Beetles between 1950 - 1974. The Beetle is a firm favourite in South Africa!

  6. Fun project! Reminds me of my first car - a tan 1969 VW beetle that my dad passed down to me. I was really depressed when a lady pulled in front of me in traffic and totaled it a few years after college!

  7. Nice job, not the Love bug for sure.

  8. that's sweet Morne...great idea and job

  9. Very nice work. You normally don't see many Beetles modeled and I have never seen one in Afrika Corps colors.

  10. Thanks for the positive comment. This is a diecast model and they are scarce, especially a 1950 version that had many similarities to the wartime version.

  11. Hello Morne,
    Never knew that this type of vehicle was operational in Africa.
    You did make it a superb replica.My sincere compliments.
    Regards, Dirk/The Netherlands.

    • Hi Dirk. I have seen photos on the web of VW Beetles used by war re-enactors in South Africa and also came across photos at the VW Auto Pavilion in Uitenhage SA depicting wartime VW Beetles.

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