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Monogram 1:48 B-26/JM-1

January 19, 2017 · in Aviation · · 26 · 3.1K

The U.S. Navy and Marines operated trainer/target tug Marauders as the JM-1 (equivalent to the AT-23B/TB-26C). My subject is JM-1, Bu No 66759 of VJ-12 serving in the Pacific. Puttied up the top turret hole and added a patch where the nose gun was. Sadly the only thing I couldn't correct the clear area around the rear gunners station. Aircraft letters are from Fantasy Printshop and the letters on the tail were made using Testor's Decal System. Paint was a Testor's rattle can

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  1. Yeah, George! Never seen one done before! Really different!
    They were built here, and I volunteer at the Glenn L. Martin Museum.
    The tail gun canopy part is different on this, and I was put off by that, myself. I haven't figured out how to get around that, it sorta looks like the original tail position.
    Glad you just went ahead and did it. It sure looks pretty.

  2. A yeller Marauder. I never even knew another service used them, but it's a nice unusual scheme you found there! Did you use after market cowlings? If you didn't, I just have to say great job on filling in the joints on the scoops! They look fantastic!

  3. "We all live in a yellow..." oh wait, that's not it. Boy, THAT sure would get yer attention in the air (we hope). Nice job. Eye-catching to say the least. lol

    • Thank you Craig. I briefly thought about having the drogue hang out of the rear...briefly

      • Well...rather than letting it "hang out the rear", you might have supported it with a thin (really thin) piece of stiff wire or the like, thus replicating that as seen in your attached photo. Just a thought - besides, you could always change your mind and remove it later.

  4. Can´t beat a yellow thing. Nice looking job on the beautiful Marauder.

  5. Now that's different, great job !

  6. Nice work there, George, yellow can be a difficult colour to get right, but you've done a neat job with this one.

  7. Thats a really nice Marauder in a not often seen livery. ( never seen that look before )
    Well done !

  8. Cool plane George! I love the schemes that one doesn't see everyday, and this one sure qualifies. Well done sir! 🙂

  9. Hello George,
    Interesting subject.Well modified to its new duty's.
    Besides that, Monogram always good.
    Regards, Dirk/The Netherlands.

  10. Nice take on an unusual subject - looks good! Who knew?!

  11. Nice Marauder George. Always liked the B 26. I used to have a 48 scale one built up but had to let it go due to lack of space.

    • Thanks Anthony. I know what you mean about space. I still have a -24D, -24J, -29 and a C-130 in the stash; all in 1:48. In hindsight I should have gone to 1:72 for multi-engines but I do like the constant scale

  12. George I am a bit late to the party. However, I am in full agreement with all of the above comments on this beauty. One of Glen Martin's best looking aircraft. Had a bad reputation as a widow maker but dressed up in yellow she looks like a yellow rose from Texas. Beautiful model all round. Well done!

  13. Always fun to see a different and unusual paint scheme, especially when its done this well. Nice work George !

  14. This is excellent! I found this while searching for photos of the Navy's XJD-1 target tow that I want to build. I already did a Navy BD-2, might try the JM-1 as well.

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