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Tamiya 1/32 F-14A Tomcat of VF-84 after Gulf War (1), 1991

February 8, 2017 · in Aviation · · 10 · 4.3K

A small number of pics of my which I still believe to one of the best looking of all the Grumman 'Cats!
Please forgive the bombs but they were in the box - & I like bombs...
Rather heavy weathering on top but apparently during the Gulf War these birds were filthy. A lot of the time on operations, there was no time to clean the airframes apart from a quick blast with the spray-gun and a wipe with a rag.

The last 3 pics are of the actual plane & thanks to the US Navy for these!
This is one big, heavy mother of a model kit and please forgive the gratuitious shots of my modelling man-cave!

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  1. Awesome modelling on a large scale ! The weathering on the top is fantastic. As is the cockpit detail, great build!

  2. Beautiful with a very nice weathering.

  3. You've posted so many models I can't keep up, Gary, but they all seem to be finished to a uniformly high standard, and this one's no exception.

  4. Nice job, Gary...but you really should pick up a piece of poster paper or something to accentuate your fine builds. The background clutter takes away from your work. Just a suggestion, mate.

  5. Beautiful Tom, the weathering is spot on an aircraft during combat operations during Desert Storm. Though the Tomcat didn't drop any bombs during Desert Storm in 1991. The Bombcat versions were in testing in 1991 but not operational in time for Desert Storm. They became operational in time for Enduring Freedom.

  6. You know you did mention that you added the bombs on your own, which I would do myself. The F-14 looks quite menacing with them hanging instead of the Phoenixes.

  7. You really got the weathing down, great job!

  8. Looks like the photos! Great detail in the cockpit.

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