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February 17, 2017 · in Aviation · · 26 · 2.7K

The aircraft J/371 s/nWN328, shown moments before ejection by Lt. Cdr. "Smokey" Cowling was one of two Wyverns lost during Operation Musketeer, on Nov. 05 1956.

Not a bad kit though reading Tom Cleaver's article on another site saved me some grief. This is my third attempt at airbrushing, stripes and all.

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  1. George, Looks really good, A very eye catching scheme and your build and finish look very good. However, I would like to see a few more pictures, please? I wouldn't say that if I didn't enjoy what you presented here. Nice Work !

  2. Nice work, George...oddly enough, I've never had one of these. Yours looks great, though.

  3. Nicely done paintwork, those Navy schemes are very attractive.

  4. It's been rumored that this kit was designed by team of Japanese engineers which, explains some of its crisp details and the excellent finish. Usually, Trumpeter "gets it" with Chinese subject matter. Given that this is a British aircraft ...someone did their homework. Regardless of who designed the kit Trumpeter, got this one right. The Wyvern S.4 can be interpreted as being butt ugly or way cool. My vote is for cool. Two thumbs up on this one George.

  5. Great looking build !

  6. It's amazing to me that Trumpeter did a lot of RN aircraft from this era. Sea Hornet, Seahawk, Sea Fury and Wyvern. And some of them in 72nd, plus the Gannet.
    George, really a beautiful build, and the Suez stripes set it off.
    Like a lot of 50s British aircraft, it looks different. Gets your attention, too.

  7. Thank you Bernard. Gonna have to check out the Sea Hornet, it's been on my want list for ages

    • The Trumpeter Sea Hornet is best avoided - it doesn't even have the right tail feathers, let alone it's based on the worst set of drawings ever. Find a Classic Airframes kit if you can. Worth the expense to be closer (though even it is not correct, there are no fully accurate drawings of this airplane in existence).

  8. This one looks fantastic! The folding wings and stripes really set it apart. Now if you could park it next to a French F4U-7 painted with Suez stripes that would really look cool ! Excellent job.

    • Many thanks Louis and by a coincidence I just started building a Hobbyboss F4U-7 but not with stripes. An online friend who passed away last month a day before his 26th birthday was searching for 2 years for a picture or info for BuNo. 33710 in other French squadron markings. I finally found one last month so in his honor I'm building it in Flotille 15F markings

  9. Very nice work George. Glad my article helped.

    I remember when I did the ID Models vacuform of this kit 30 years ago and a Very (self) Important Modeler here in S. Calif. declaimed to one and all at a show that it was a fake, "what if" model. I loved pulling out the photos for him after he did that (he's also one of those "hex-spurts" who have a hobby shop's worth of kits in their garage, who has yet in 50 years to successfully build one himself - but he can really critique yours)

  10. George - nice work - looks like a solid build and a good clean paint job! I've got Trumpy's 1/72 version of this but haven't built it yet. I put the Wyvern in the "way cool" category myself!

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    said on March 4, 2017

    I know I'm late but like the wyvern George. Always been a favourite even though a bit strange but somehow good looking.

  12. Thank you very much gentlemen

  13. Excellently done, George! I hope my 3rd attempt at airbrushing is somewhere near the quality of yours! Bravo!

  14. Cdre WH Cowling (deceased)

    He would have enjoyed seeing this so beautifully and precisely recreated.

    I add 3 Photos of my Uncle (We called him "Jack" everyone else knew him as "Bill")

    I include a small 'contextual anecdote' to place my uncle's mishap in perspective.

    Lt Cmdr Cowling performed a remarkable offensive bomb placement during the 1956 Suez Crisis which caused extensive damage to the opposing force.

    His plane number was broadcast throughout the Egyptian Army targeting him.

    He was struck by ground fire and was, frankly, embarrassed.

    His greatest regret during the 'bail-out' was that his wingman had mis-timed the camera and not captured him in mid-air. As he explained it, most pilots ejecting from Wyverns were killed or seriously wounded, he wanted a photo image of his death/wounding so it might give some answers. My Uncle had the coolest head possible.

    Thank you for this.

    1... Lt Cmdr WH Cowling gearing up for a mission (1956 Sinai/Suez Crisis)

    2... Cowling greeting HRH Elizabeth II ... I believe the line went something like "Here's one of your pilots freshly fished from the drink, Your Majesty"

    3... William Harold Cowling

    3 attached images. Click to enlarge.

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