And now for something completely different… A “What If”, a “Definite Maybe”, and a “Just Because”!

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Hi Everyone...

Today I finished up the Mitsubishi in the colors of an actual Ki-61 that was captured by the U.S. Marines during WWII. I think it catches the spirit of the "What If" without going to overboard. Next is a P-39 in Polish colors. I call this one a "Definite Maybe" since the Soviets did enable communist Polish forces with equipment, including "Lend Lease" surplus aircraft. If anyone can shine some light to the fact that these air units, under Soviet control, used there national insignias on the top of their wings, please let me know. As you can see, I didn't put any on top. Last, but not least, my Chinese National Air Force "Stuka"-ish made out of a Lindberg P-6 kit (that was missing the wind screen), wheels from a Fw-190, decals from an I-16 kit, leftover tanks from an F4F, and leftover bombs that looked great in the centerline. Let me know your favorite by ? or ?!

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  1. Well...if I knew how you got the "thumbs up" icon on here, I'd put it next to the P-39 - 🙁

  2. Like the racer like Chinese P-?½ whatever thing...makes me want to go wrooom all over!

  3. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Interesting concepts Roberto plus nice clean modeling ... seems like good fun. They both make a good conversation pair.

  4. Great imagination, Roberto! I like the Mitsu J2M

  5. None of the "other nations" operating with the Soviets during WW2 used other than Soviet national markings. The Normandie-Niemen regiment was allowed to paint their spinners in the tricolor for recognition of combat prowess. There weren't any Polish air forces units with the Soviets during the war, due to the "bad blood" between members of the PAF and the Soviets over the "stab in the back" in 1939.

    • Tom, as in most behind the Iron Curtain countries, there were two fdactions, one pro Soviet, one not. There was a Polish Government in exile in London up into the 60s, at least. I believe there were Polish units fighting with the Soviets, with a smaller national marking someplace on the fuselage. The Czechs also had squadrons fighting from Britain, and also on the East Front. The latter flew into Tri Dubny during the Czech National Rising, and operated from there until that was put down.

      After the war, the "western" guys went home, and were less than happy when their countries somehow became that other ideology. Made them suspects. The usual. Sad.

  6. Interesting "what ifs" - the above post is an answer to your question.

  7. Roberto, in the Detail and Scale book on the P-39 series, there is a postwar photo of an Airacobra with Polish fuselage markings, taken from the side. The note says they had some, nothing else. Looks like the Russians gave them some of their lend lease.

    • Thanks for the extra research. It gets you thinking how these machines were used, as tools for war. They were just handed down. The history of the few ones that are still around would fill unknown number of books.

  8. Roberto, the Chinese dive bomber is certainly in keeping with what they had. They actually used Curtiss P-6 s , then the export Goshawks, both with and without retractable gear. Yours looks just like something from the comic strips in the 30s, and the pulp magazines of the time, "Flying Aces" and Bill Barnes and Tailspin Tommy, Smilin' Jack. Great stuff!

    • The funny thing is that I lost the clear (tinny) windscreen that​came with the kit. So I cut a piece of clear plastic and got to use my new metal part bending tool. And for the color, I felt the gray / orange combination looked good together. But your comment got me thinking. So after Googling a few of the comics cover pages, I feel it takes my hobby to another level. Thank you very much!

  9. Harking back to my comment about the Polikarpov I-16, the Raiden also struck me as a racing aircraft. Imagine, a war surplus(!) Japanese racer in the 1947 Cleveland Air Races. Never happen, but, hey! Someone did an Otaki Oscar as a racer on here, I remember. Looked good, too.
    Would be an interesting theme group, use up all them redundant kits.
    Talk about your "unlimited" category! Big iron!

  10. A lot of creativity there. The P-39 looks great in that scheme.

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