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Just before the STORMS!

Hi folks... it`s been a while but still here! Finished this one before the island got scratch by Irma. Lost electric power and Internet for a few days so waited to upload the pictures for a few more days. A week and a half went by and [...]

BIG BANG for the BUCK!

In the spirit of building something completely different, I give you my interpretation of a Quick Reaction Vehicle. Started out with Tamiya's cool (and cheap) little (1/35) M151-A2 TOW missile carrier (and ended up with a bunch of cool TOW [...]

And now for something completely different… A “What If”, a “Definite Maybe”, and a “Just Because”!

Hi Everyone... Today I finished up the Mitsubishi J2M in the colors of an actual Ki-61 that was captured by the U.S. Marines during WWII. I think it catches the spirit of the "What If" without going to overboard. Next is a P-39 [...]

An update to “What do you do the day after you get a tooth pulled?… You build a crazy build!”

Hi Folks; A few weeks back I posted a build that I did in a day. I got a tooth pulled so it was either doing the build or binge watching "Grey's Anatomy" on Netflix. A few days back I found a few Spanish Ejercito del Aire (Air [...]

What do you do the day after you get a tooth pulled?… You build a crazy build!

So on Wednesday a got a molar pulled because I cracked it. That meant spending the rest of the day in bed. Next day I still couldn't talk, so I stayed home. Feeling kind of sick of being in bed, at around 9 a.m. took out a bagged Ju-87 [...]

My first contribution

Hi to all! I've been a member for a few years but, except for giving my opinion and admiration at the awesome work you guys do, have never posted anything. So here are a few examples. I know I have a long way to go in terms of factual [...]