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F-4F JG 74 “Mölders”, Tactical Leadership Programme (1982)

March 20, 2017 · in Aviation · · 38 Comments

This is my 1/48th F-4F JG 74 from .

Since Luftwaffe Norm 72 camouflage pattern is one of my all time favorites; this project has been on my mind and agenda for a long time!

Having a 1-year old baby boy and a tight schedule on the job forced this beauty flesh out in about 6 months. Besides, I have opted to go dual-Luftwaffe build of another F-4F in 32nd scale, which is about to come online in fortnight.

The kit itself, despite being an old one, standard Hasegawa quality for its age. No serious fitting issues etc.

I opted to go with Quickboost ejection seat with an addition of Eduard's MB ejection seat handles.

I also used the Polish Master's metal pitot tube which is a must for the serious model enthusiast.

Finally; the crisp, eye catching and superb quality Airdoc decals, which made the kit stand out!

This is the first time I used Revell's aqua colors and not too bad I would say. The only con on the paint side i it is far thicker than the standart Gunze/Tamiya acrylic range.

Following the paint job and decaling, I washed the kit with artist oil and finally gave a coat of Future+Tamiya Flat base mix.

"Mölders" will be one of my "in love" ones among my recent builds.



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38 responses

  1. favorite jet - and beautifully finished and photographed I might add. Love those Phantoms!

  2. Profile Photo
    said on March 20, 2017

    That is a very good looking Phantom. Great scheme.

  3. Great build, very nicely finished.

  4. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Very nice work Emre. Your extra work and detail options really show on this model. God looking Phantom.

  5. Emre, This is nice, really like the scheme and the excellent workmanship of your build. A very realistic look, Well done !

  6. One of the best camouflage apply to one of the best plane. Excellent job, nice painting.!

  7. Imre, nice looking Phantom, I like the "splinter" scheme myself. "Vati" Molders would be proud.

  8. Phantastic Phantom !

  9. dude, that came out awesome!

  10. Emer,
    I just concur with all of the above. Very nicely done

  11. Nobody can ever say "Too much Phantoms"! 😀 Nice job!

  12. Very nicely done! I love the paint job, too - highlighted with the blue.

  13. Great looking Luftwaffe Rhino! I recently finished a 1/72 RF-4E in that scheme, using the AirDocs stencil set as well, and loved the result. Fantastic job on this one!

  14. Good job, Emre, I especially like the paintwork and the decals, they really stand out.

  15. Very nice model. Good looking Phantom.

    One very minor point: if you are going to continue using this thicker paint, you may want to thin it a bit more than you did. There is a very small hint of "orangepeel, only visible with the light on it from a certain angle, not visible at normal viewing attitudes and distances, but still there if you look really close. This is one of those things you deal with starting off with a new paint, nothing to complain about, just notice for the future. I thin paint 60-40 (paint-thinner) to 50-50 and get very smooth results with acrylic. HTH

  16. Very, very nice indeed, love the old Norm 72 scheme. Looked fantastic on the F-104's & F-4's and just plain wrong on the Alpha Jet !. I've still got a couple of recce Phantoms in the stash and looking at this has inspired me to build one in this scheme.


  17. Superb Phantom in one f the nicest liveries.

  18. Nicely done

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