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Monograms 1/4ish Cessna 180 with floats.

This is a reissue of the Cessna 180 with EDO floats, not sure of the actual scale, used rattle can white. spare decals.

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  1. Another "oldie, but goodie" (I remember this one, too). Nice lookin' job!

  2. Nice addition to the group build. Good clean "old" model! Nicely done.

  3. I'm guessing 1/40th, like the Revell Skyraider, and the Aurora P-26. They had one on wheels, as well, I seem to recall. Great to see one built, you don't see many.

  4. Nice job Robert especially on an old kit.

  5. Looks good Robert, do they really tow skiers behind float planes ?

  6. I made this one decades ago - although MY bikini-clad cutie wasn't as nicely detailed! LoL! Dad & I took a ride over the Lake of the Ozarks in a floatplane just like this around 1965 or so. Floatplanes are so cool! Great job, Robert!

  7. Hello Robert,
    Nice build, also taking into consideration when this model was brought on the market.

  8. Nice. Flew in several Cessna float planes to various logging camps on the B.C. coast

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