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Testors/Hawk 1/48 Ryan STM-S2 Netherlands A.F.

March 1, 2017 · in Aviation · · 13 Comments

Another plane on EDO floats ,do see the theme, I actually worked for EDO in the eighties. This kit builds the prototype , I think they were in service in the Dutch East Indies in the early part of WW 2. A nimble aircraft, I posted a video of one earlier on this sight ,look under .

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13 responses

  1. Nice build, my friend...I like that base as well.

  2. I am so pleased that so many folks chose unusual aircraft for the water wings build - and this is another fine example of something you don't see built very often. Looks great! I'd love to find one of these in 1/72...

  3. Bob, this was one of a batch that went to the NEI before the war. The "S" on it indicates Soerabaya, which was where it was based. When the war broke out, they were used as scouts and liason aircraft. Some survived to go to Australia, where they were camouflaged and given Australian roundels, vice the NEI triangle, later square.

    Just a classic 30s design, IMHO too delicate to be used militarily, though a lot of countries did. Real pretty aircraft.

    Other trivia- one was used in "Dive Bomber" as the RAF fighter. It had a fibreglass cowling that changed the look of it.

  4. Oh I love that Robert! I have this kit in the deep stash and always wanted it built. You've inspired me a lot with your cool plane. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  5. Damn that's nice Robert, how did you do the base? Really looks nice.

  6. Really nice Robert, I like that silver !, well done.

  7. Hello Robert,
    It does me great pleasure to see this plane with Dutch registration.
    Indeed, served in quite large numbers in the former East Indies.

  8. Excellent, Robert! Another cool floatplane! you've done a fine job on another interesting and not-so-common aircraft.

  9. Nicely done Robert

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