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1/48 Macchi MC. 205 Veltro

April 23, 2017 · in Aviation · · 30 · 3K

This is the kit from the mid 1990s. They did both the 202 and the 205 back in '94-'95. I built the 202 straight away, and this one ripened in the stash for 22 years. I built it pretty much from the box with the exception of an added seat harness and decals from Sky that I bought on Ebay. Xtracolor and Humbrol enamels were used throughout. I think this is one of Hasegawa's best kits ever, great subject and nicely molded.

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  1. Never seen one painted like that...I like it. Nice job.

    • Thanks, Craig. German colors. Apparently the northern Italian fascists painted their a/c to Luftwaffe standards to avoid confusion with co-belligerent Italians who were allied with the Allies after the Italian armistice.

  2. Thanks, Craig. German colors. Apparently the northern Italian fascists painted their a/c to Luftwaffe standards to avoid confusion with co-belligerent Italians who were allied with the Allies after the Italian armistice.

  3. Great job, John! I especially like the spinner. Great work! As mentioned by Craig, that's an interesting paint scheme. Thanks for the explanation as well. Ya learn sumthin' new every day!

  4. She's gorgeous John. Great choice of markings too. I have the same kit; like you, 22 years old, but unlike you she's still in the stash. Have to do something about it!

  5. I confirm, the ANR, operatint in the north of Italy, agaist Allied forces, repaint, in Spring 1944 the remaining Italian Made Aircraft, mainly Macchi 205 and Fiat G-55 with RLM coloue in Luftwaffe style camouflage. In some foto can be seen the backgroun on the identification label ( s/n, model ecc) in the original color, not overpainted. Due to allied bombing of Macchi and Fiat factory in summer 1944 the resupply of Italian models stop, and gradually the ANR was re-equipped with masserschmitt 106, initially G6, and close to the end with few G10, G14 and K4. More or less all ME 109 display a Mix of German and Fascist markings. Since the luftwaffe disappear from Italian skyes at the time of Normandy invasion, I suppose the double marking was intended to avoid friendly flak fire. Even if the flak, use to the overhelming allied air power, tend to shoot anything was flying, despite friendly or foe markings.

    • Roberto, Grazie! Makes for some interestingly marked ME-109s!

      • The Italian had operate BF 109 in two different periods.

        The first time in spring/summer 1943, before the armistice, in Sicily, opposing the Allied landings. Italy at that time was still allied with the Germans and all 109, mainly G4 and G6, with few F, used only for training, display overpainted German Markings, and tipical " Regia AeronUaitica " ( Royal Air Force) wing fasci, fusolage Squadron emblem and number, Royal white tail cross. These are also very intersting subject, if you like unusual Messerschmitt. Of these, just few escape to the main land, after the Sicily campaign, surviving the attrition against overhelming Allied Forces. In September 43 the infamous armistice took place, with some pilot flying south to surrender to the Allied, where, mistrust by the allied, start to operate against the German forces in the Balcans, in support of Jugoslavian partisan. Spare parts for Italian aircraft where not available, being the factory in the north of Italy, defended by the fascist loyal to Mussolini, so the number of operational aircraft drop drammatically. In preparation of D-day and the landing in south France, a lot of Allied forces where diverted to these front, and the contribution of the Italian Pilot, at this stage start to be appreciated, therefore some unit where re equipped with some old ex Jugoslavian Spitfires, Aircobras and Baltimores, not the really the best at the time available in the allied inventory. In the mean while, in the north, after the total disbandement of the armed forces, ironically mistrust by the Germans, air force general Botto, an ace of the Spanish civil war, nicknamed "IRON LEG" due to the artificial limb replace the leg he lost in action, a very strong personality, and beloved leader by most of the Italian Fighter pilot, call the one has remain in the north, to Join the Aeronautica Nazionale Repubblicana (Repubblican National Airforce) to keep fighting with the German. At this point, the event described in my previous post took place.

    • Thanks Roberto. Such a graceful plane. I really like the asymetrical wings on these.

  6. ...nice subject, and very well done, this was the only Macchi disply white fasci, all the other had black on es.

  7. Now that's just down right gorgeous! Luv that paint scheme.

  8. A real beauty! Love the Italian in-line engined warbirds, and with this livery it is really different and attractive.

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    said on April 24, 2017

    Nice job on that 205 John.

  10. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Very interesting paint scheme John. It is such a refreshing site to see the 202 in this scheme. Good modeling.

  11. John, I really like the scheme you picked, looks very attractive and well done. Very nice work !

  12. Yeah, the Hasegawa 202/205 are definitely among their best ever. Nice work on this one.

  13. Great it

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