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Revell 1/24 1960 Corvette

April 1, 2017 · in Automotive · · 11 · 2.5K

Something a little different for me, a car. Haven't build one since I was 14, and I remember it being a gray gull wing Mercedes. Was prodded into doing this kit from a coworker who builds lots of cars and trucks. The kit was boxed as Skips Drive Inn, apparently a hang out joint in California where kids would bring their cars on week ends to show off or sometimes drag race.

Tolerance and fit of the parts was somewhat of a challenge, and I decided not to detail the engine since I wasn't going to open the hood for inspection. But you do have that as an option. Interior was mostly hand painted with Model Master paints and the body is Tamiya paint from a rattle cans. Finished her off with a coat of Future to make her shine like she just had a good wax job. What I find interesting is this is a 57 year old body style and to me it still looks great. More pleasing to the eye than some of the jelly bean shapes running on the roads today. Wish I had one to drive in parades and to park in a drive inn.

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  1. You did an awesome job on this American automotive legend! Well done. It's a winner!

  2. Doesn't appear you've "lost your touch", Tom...turned out well!

  3. She's still a great looking car. Like you I really don't care too much for most of the new styles. I really did like the new Dodge Challenger though. So much that I had to get a 2015 with a Hemi in it. Mines B-5 blue.

    I really like the old muscle cars. My favorites are the old Dodges and Plymouths.

    Nothing wrong with a Vette though. You still have the touch. It looks really nice.

    • The retro Challenger and the early Mustangs look great, the Camero not so much. Too many hard sharp angles,and a roof that way too low. Too much Cadillac style influence in it's body for my taste. The good news is they all have much improved brakes and suspension systems.

      • When Ford released the retro Mustang body style, they unknowingly started the next Muscle Car horsepower race. It's pretty much like it was back in the late 1950's through the early 1970's all over again. Except now we have more fuel economy and safety features that one could only dream about back then. I remember driving my old Dodge and Plymouth muscle cars back in the day and getting between 8-10 MPG. They sure have come back in a good way. They stop much better now too just like you stated.

        I really like the wheels and tires on your Vette here too. They captured the look that was common back then. Very nice my friend.

  4. Outstanding, Tom! Beautiful paint job you've done. This would fit in well with the many we saw at the show last month! Keep up the good work. The F6F has almost reached the point where I actually DO something with it rather than dream! LoL! Now, all I have to do is make my spray booth & I'll be able to paint properly.
    Take care!


  5. Nice! love the tire/wheels

  6. The 56 to 60 Vettes were the prettiest IMHO! (If you can ignore the washboards on the 58.) Then they went to the mutant in 61/62 before the 63-67 coupe/convertible which is probably the sharpest looking of them all! The 59 and 60 are my personal favorite though. Something about those contrasting side coves and dual headlights just looks right. Nice job on yours!

  7. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Nice clean, sharp and good looking model work on that Corvette Tom.
    The interior looks very well done. Thanks for sharing these pictures.

  8. Your Corvette certainly looks the part, Tom, the wheels especially. The design is light years away from the latest version, but I know which I prefer...

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