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Window on the world....

April 21, 2017 · in Uncategorized · 18 · 1.6K

Still plugging away at the B-17G. I have chosen a rather odd combination of non staggered waist windows and a retrofit Cheyenne tail turret. While unusual pictures can be found of this set up in both OD and bare aluminum. I thought this would be easier than staggering the windows! Then I saw the fit of the waist windows, ouch! Well nothing some basic modeling skills can't sort out. I also bought the Squadron vac set for the cockpit glass, and then made my own windows from clear plastic to replace the kit nose windows. Now to re-scribe lost detail finish up the tail and on to the wings!

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  1. Comin' along nicely, Rob...we'll be watchin' & waitin' - 🙂

  2. Where did you get the glass from? I'm seriously impressed. Im a Big E CV6 'groupie' - and love anything to do with carriers.

    I'm starting on a 1/48 diorama of the Stigler/Brown 'higher call' scenario. So watching this with interest.

  3. Lookin' good, Rob! I'll keep watching with interest, as I love the "Flying Forts," especially the ones with the nose turret.

    • PS - I just noticed the name on your lovely brew. My Dad flew off the USS Independence during WWII. (Yes, a different one than CV62, but its' Daddy! LoL!)

  4. Going to look stunning. Can't wait for the end result !

  5. Thanks guys, my wife got me the glass off Amazon, the other night I was wearing my Indy sweatshirt, drinking from my Indy glass and having up my squadron picture from VAW 115, the squadron I was in aboard her!

  6. Great progress!

  7. Still the best 48th B-17. I can't believe its been out since the late 70s. The glass is tough to install so it looks "right" and free of solvent marks or its effects. Yours is coming along nicely.

  8. I love the brew theme and the glass. I've been to a couple of brew pubs where they stopped using glasses with the pubs name/label because, folks would walk away with the glasses. If you wanted the "glass" you had to buy it first. Hey, Rob since your a Navy man no one would bat an eye if you did a Navy B-17. Post war the Navy got some surplus B-17s and painted theme in Navy Blue with some modifications. B-17's are like Me-109s with all of the color schemes and nose art. Looking forward to seeing more photos and adventures in glassmen ship.

  9. I thought about doing a PB-1, but decided to stick with an 8th AF bird.

  10. Looks great Rob ! Watching your build progress makes me want to bring my version of "A Bit -O- Lace" back out from the "stalled" builds in my stash.

    How did the wood flooring ever turn out ? Can you take a picture of it through the nose glass area ? That would be really appreciated... Thanks for posting this.

  11. It's a 40 year old kit. You were expecting good?

    Nothing "some modeling skill required" doesn't conquer, as you demonstrated.

  12. LOL Yeah Tom you said it! But really as old kits go the fit in most places has been good. As I recall from years past the glass never was great..

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