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Tupolev Tu-95 Bear D, DML 1/200

Maritime recon. version of the Bear, Caused the carriers I was on to launch many an Alert Five while cruising the Med. or transiting the Atlantic.

8 additional images. Click to enlarge.

19 responses

  1. I like it...what's the wingspan in that scale, Robert..?

  2. Great build, Robert, and a terrific set of photos. I especially liked the Bear flying over the Saratoga; don't know how you managed that one...

  3. Nice one Robert, love the pictures as if model F4 intercepts the Bear in the display case!

  4. I love the one flying over the carrier. Just like during the Cold War!

    Well done, Robert!

  5. Nice build! I remember as a young sailor on the Nimitz and Theodore Roosevelt watching VF-41 and VF-84 Tomcats escorting Bears past the ship. I always thought they had the oddest sound.

  6. Fabulous shot with phantom!

  7. Great plane, great pictures, great model, good job all round.

  8. Nicely done Robert especially that of a rather unique aircraft. Not often seen modeled.

  9. At 1:200 that's nice work Robert - striking looking aircraft too.

  10. Great pic with the carrier! The Bear is such a cold war icon. Well done.

  11. What a beast. Great photography

  12. Looks good Robert, I like # 6 with the carrier below !

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