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Brindiamo all’ affondamento ( let’s celebrate the sinking)

May 5, 2017 · in Diorama · · 22 · 2.7K

This Is an old diorama in scale , I presented to the last Moson contest. Since I read some positive comments to the picture published in the Moson Report, i though would have been a good idea to give some information about its realization.
The diorama represent a comic scene of a recce aircraft crash landed in proximity of the bridge, meanwhile German forces across it.
Look like the Panzergranadier are very happy a powerful unit of the Soviet River Forces has been sink in an unconventional manner by the comrades of the Luftwaffe, making the river crossing safe.
Therefore they offer some vodka to the aircraft crew, look like the LW Captain main concern, is to quantify the damage suffered by his bird, who knows, maybe he has to repair at his own expanses.
Somebody else was also a bit unlucky: the driver of the T-34 that during the previous night retreat falls from the bridge. Was that to his inexperience, rush or he drunk also too much Vodka? Who knows, hope no NKDV commissar was not around in the moment the incident happened. Fire squad where always at hand, ready to solve saboteur issue.
The FW-189 is a rebox of the Condor. Has been improved with a lot of extras, mainly from CMK. Resin crew nacelle, engine, control surface and PE flaps. The all model panels have been scribed with a needle. The bird has been first painted with Aluminum, followed by Tamiya gloss, to create a base for the scratches. Cammo made with Model Master appropriate RLM 70-71-65.

The Panzer 3 is also a Revell rebox from , improved with Part PE. My scarce knowledge about tank cause the track to be installed opposite way, and the opening of the turret shurtzen, be more appropriate for a Panzer IV. Tamiya color where airbrushed. The sand yellow is a mix of XF-59 and XF-60. Both, Green XF-61 and Brown XF-64, are too bright for my taste, where therefore mixed with in the ratio 3:1 with the yellow base. The lower part of the shurtzen where airbrushed with Buf, Deck tan and Brown to simulate powder from the dry Russian steppe. Artist oil color where used to create strain.

T-34/76 is a Dragon kit, build more or less OOB. Painted with Tamiya acrylic, only the red star and the patriotic motto on the side of the turret, has been brushed with Valleio.

The Panzergranadier and the air crew come from two different Preiser set. The tank crew are LW personnel, slightly modified to look like tankers. All painted with Valleio.

The water has been made with two component resin, added with a bit of Humbrol enamel, to simulate the muddy river.
Thanks for watching.

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  1. Very nicely done, Roberto...thanks for the background information - (I thought I recognized that headline photo).

  2. Craig,
    Thanks for watching, glad you like it.

  3. I like your sense of humour as much as your model, very much appreciated, Roberto.

  4. Roberto, nice story! Shame the pilot bent the airframe. Maybe he ran afoul of the Red Army flak folks. Nicely done and composed.

  5. Roberto your work always amazes me. You pack a lot of details into a small area. Very well done Sir. I like it a lot... Thanks for sharing it with us. Take care my friend.

  6. Fantastic work. So much drama, humor and detail in the size of a lunch tray.

  7. Interesting work. I think the smaller scale allows for added complexity in the scene.

  8. Fantastic Idea and very well executed - a masterpiece!

  9. Really excellent work on this dio Roberto. Excellent detail and a good story as well.

  10. Wonderfully built diorama tells the story


  11. Thanks for sharing this. George said it above, I also love the humour in this diorama and it really adds to the scene.

    Brilliantly done!

  12. Excellent work, amazing that it's 1/72., but who's going to pay for the damaged row boat?

  13. I really admire this one, Roberto. It has a great story with several different sub-stories combined to make one interesting scene. VERY well done & painted. Very realistic!

  14. Thanks all for the positive comments,
    just a curiosity, the early project foreseen a River Russian patrol boat half sinken, to have one of each on the dio. plane, tank, band boat. But since all my work have to be in Ikea scale, meaning that the base has to fit into the a IKEA cabinet, room on the base was too little, therefore I had to add something smaller: the T-34.

  15. Wow, and a lot of details, in 1/72...

  16. Hello Roberto,
    This diorama is ready for a military museum. There is so much to explore on this dio, that you are unable, to do this in one go.
    Master modeler/master piece.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  17. Excellent! I saw that in the Moson post and was impressed. Love all the detail work and craftsmanship.

  18. Thanks guys, gladd you like it.

  19. 1/72?! Fookin' A-maze-ing!

  20. I don't think I can say much more than has already been said...
    Looking at your dioramas is like watching a film!

  21. Looks so real! Beautifully made diorama. Very inspirational. Thanks for showing .

  22. Excellent work of a very high level throughout. Always love good, ambitious dioramas, and this is one...

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