Hasegawa 1:48 Scale, Nakajima B5N2, Type 97, Model 3, Carrier Attack Plane.

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Another kit that was really a great time building.

Typical quality product, and one of their fairly new Japanese subject line. I think these are a labor of love and a source of nation pride! Even the horrible decals of the past are gone, and newer cooler decals that look nice have been put back in the boxes!

The model built up nice, with no major putty being needed, A few places, but it is not a big deal. The cockpit is a busy, BUSY place and is a model in unto itself! Did I say BUSY!?

Still the kit looks great and I am looking to build another. This one was built as part of the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Midway, over in the Group Section. Y'all ought to go take a look at some of the work being done there. It's been fun, and I'm learning a lot from the other guys sharing their reference. Check it out lads!

Thanks again for looking!

Best Regards

Freddie from LI

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  1. You really did a great job with this one Freddie !

    Thanks for starting the build thread in our Midway Group build. It was really fun to follow along with your progress.

    Two thumbs up Sir !

    I really like this one too !

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with Louis' assessment here, Frederick...nice work!

  3. Another neat build from you, Freddie, those Japanese planes certainly look cool.

  4. Very, very nice Freddie. That cockpit looks to be a challenge, but you seemed to have mastered it well. Nicely done.

  5. Beautiful! The Japanese planes don't always get the exposure they should. This is another plane done extremely well, Frederick. Keep up the good work.

    • I agree. There's a wide subject range of Japanese Army/Navy aircraft that's well worth exploring.

      • The range of color schemes and finishes, plus weathering that can be used is awesome. Add to that, many Japanese have a very graceful and elegant line to them, and really look appealing to the eye.

        • How true. Most WW2 Japanese planes have some great lines to them. One of my favorites is the Ki-61 Hien "Tony". It just looks like a race horse rearing to go ! Plus it has a great selection of markings to choose from. Again I compliment you on your build Freddie.

  6. Fredrick, looks very nice, good looking cockpit, a must with this much being visible. This is one of those models that looks better, the more you look at it.

  7. Another very nice build Fred!

  8. This one looks good too! I need to get around to building one of these...

  9. Hi Fredrick, Great looking model and really nice work on the interior-What paint did you use?

  10. Thanks guys, for all the nice comments!

    Erich - The interior is painted in an old Aeromaster acrylic: "Nakajima Interior Green". Basically it looks like (yellow zinc chromate). I normally use enamels so this was a leap of faith for me. I also used the Aeromaster "Nakajima Navy Green" for the top sides...another leap. All in all, I am happy with the end results, even if the decals were a little Ka-Ka...(My fault)

  11. Beautiful job!

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