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Midway Group Build 1/48 AMT P-40E Aleutian Tiger

Hand salute to Louis Gardner for organizing this build and to Chuck Villanueva for the fine introduction to the Midway reveal. And to Martin and staff for maintaining this excellent modeling web site. Well done gentleman. My subject is one of the 's that defended the US during the Aleutian Campaign that is sometimes referred to as the "Forgotten Battle". The Japanese reasoned that having control of the Aleutians would prevent an attack from the US across the Northern Pacific. The US feared that if lost the Japanese could use the Aleutians to launch air raids against the West Coast.

Consequently, the Japanese launch a coordinated attack to both take the Midway Islands and to secure bases on the Aleutian Islands thus blocking the US from launching strikes on Japan. Their military objective was to first destroy the Army and Navy military bases at Dutch Harbor then launching an amphibious landing to secure Adak Island. The Japanese force consisted of two aircraft carriers, five cruisers, twelve destroyers, six submarines and four troop transports along with supporting ships. Vice-Admiral Boshiro Hosogaya would command this force. The Army's Eleventhth Air Force consisting of B-17's, B-18's and some 95 P-40's would defend US territory along with 45,000 men spread across three bases. The Navy's Task Force 8 consisting of five cruisers, thirteen destroyers, three tankers, six submarines as well as aviation elements of Fleet Air Wing Four would defend. The Japanese would begin their offensive operations by bombing Dutch Harbor on June 3, 1942. the battle was on.

The kit I choose is the old P-40E in scale. Built mostly OOB, I did drill out the gun barrels and the exhaust pipes and added an Ultracast seat. Decals are aftermarket and spares. Paint is a combo of Model Master and Tamiya from rattle cans, The cockpit was hand painted and I used nylon thread for the antenna. Built a base for her to sit on and while walking thru Hobby Lobby I came across the background poster. Looked perfect to me. Enjoy the view it was a fun enterprise for me.

10 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Beautiful! Tom, not only is the P-40 great, the poster you chose adds greatly to the photos!
    Bravo !

  2. Great work on the P-40, wonderful built. And thank you for the additional information on the Aleutian Campaign.

  3. Excellent Tom. Love this scheme on the P-40 and have the Academy kit that I want to do like this (if only the decals don't disintegrate!).

  4. Excellent build and presentation, it.

  5. Great job sir! nice backround.

  6. Outstanding P-40E, Tom, love that scheme. Quite striking in appearance remember that on the old Revell 32nd scale P-40 kit. Way to kick it off thanks for sharing.

  7. I agree with Chuck... You really did a fine job, and thanks for getting things started. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. Beautiful Tom. The Aleutian Tiger nose art has been my favorite P-40 scheme ever since Revell released it on their 1/32 P-40. I think I had to mow 2 or 3 yards and ride my bike 10 miles uphill both ways thru ankle deep mud to get that kit way back...way way back lol

  9. Rick, the rabid wolverines nipping at your heels were distracted that day?

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