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1/48 Tamiya Dewoitine D.520

June 1, 2017 · in Aviation · · 24 ≡

Here is my . Its almost straight out of the box except exhaust stacks from ultra cast and a photoetch gunsight from Eduard. The pilot figure is from PJ Productions. Markings are a combination of masks and the god awful decals. I had hell with them. Anyone know the trick on those. I hear solvaset works on them but I didn't have any. Oh, I see I bent the antenna putting in the pilot. Got to fix that.

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  1. Hey John. Very nice project. I like the colors of the French camo (maybe Dior made?) and the decent weathering.

    And I do share your aversions against Tamiya decals! To my knowledge it's hopeless to bring them up to at least average standards and I've tried a lot. They are just too thick and that means that they won't reasonably conform to the surface texture and require thick layers of flat clear to let the carrier film vanish. I've come to the point to only start a Tamiya project, if aftermarket decals are available.

    • Lol, I am leaning more toward cut masks for nearly all large, simple markings. My next project will have just about all markings painted. Stencil get will be the only decals.

  2. Very nice John, especially like your work on the pilot. I haven't been able to master figures quite yet. Good heads up on the decals, Since I have the same kit guess I'll to have to check the aftermarket for replacements.

    • Hello, Tom. Yes, I would go with aftermarket...or paint them on using masks. All the stripes were painted with masks and I really like the way they turned out.

  3. Nice presentation, John,,,,well done display. I, too, have figure painting yet to master, but it's the first I've heard anything negative about Tamiya (even decals). In any event, I love the build.

    • Thanks, Craig. They simply wouldn't conform. I have had trouble before but this was worse. I tried painting some markings with masks and really like it.

  4. Very nice! Great work on the pilot, and I'm glad to see someone else finds issues once they take the pictures!

  5. John, I think that's Sgt.(?) Pierre Le Gloans plane. He was an ace in the Battle of France, or it's from the same escadrille, the voodoo mask, as I call it.
    Nice job on the camouflage, fine build. Not much done, either.

  6. Tamiya must be aware of the decal problem as many of their later kits have outsourced them from that well known Italian company. Anyway, you seem to have round the problem very well, nice looking French plane.

  7. Great looking build! Maybe a bird hit the antenna..

  8. Great! Your figure painting is outstanding, as is the rest of the model.

    Great job, John!

  9. Did a great job. I've never had problems with Tamiya decals other than the off-white color they used to use but maybe I got lucky. When I do get around to building a D-520 it'll be either a Luftwaffe or a Bulgarian version so the decals won't be an issue

  10. Beautiful paint. You nailed the French Tri-colour. Well done, sir!

  11. Hi John

    Terrific job on that little beauty! Love that kit too.

    I have heard a rumor, that Tamiya decals respond very well to THEIR own setting solutions. There are two types and you will need to be careful which you use first. The strongest one is exactly what it claims to be...strong

    I must tell you though, that this is what I have been told, and have no first hand knowledge of how true it is. If you choose to attempt it, use a diner kit first.

    I will be giving this a go in the future, as I have the awesome Ki-61 on the short list of projects.

    Fine job on your D-520, Lt. Le Glone would be honored!

    • Thank you, sir. I do believe I am going to practice a bit before I attempt any more Tamiya decals. I have the Tony as well. Looking forward to seeing yours.

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