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iModeler Awards – June

July 19, 2017 · in News · · 19 · 2.4K

Once again it's time for a review of the last month's highlights at iModeler. In many respects June was a record month averaging five(!) new articles every day and 15 comments per article. A large part of this activity was related to the great Battle of Midway Group Build reveal, which turned out to be an outstanding success. We'd like to extend special thanks to Louis Gardner and all Midway group build participants for putting up such an great show!

The official statistics for the month are 153 new articles, 2323 comments and 27888 individual article views.
The jury of the month comprised of @editor, @aisak, @magnusf, @halvarvonflake, @rickard-malmborg and @raikisan.

All Headline contributions are included in our traditional monthly prize draw. We're awarding the Best in Show title to the entry that in the eyes of the jury represents the month's highlight in terms of modeling quality and presentation. We also allot another award to a randomly chosen article to emphasize that all contributions to this site deserve recognition.

Please don't hesitate to join iModeler and take part in our next monthly roundup.

iModeler Best in Show - June 2017

With June content filled to the brim with World-class modeling, picking up but one distinguished entry was a particularly difficult task. With many potential winners on the merits of the model alone, we also weighted in the quality of the photo work, presentation, user feedback and the overall reading experience. In the end, the jury was reassuringly unanimous in their choice, but the margins were very small!

Our award goes to Grega X's Su-27 Flanker B (1/48 Academy or what’s left of it). A build that "started with throwing away almost half of the kit plastic away and trying to figure out how all the resin aftermarket is going to be installed."

Grega's Sukhoi is a fantastic model with great details that were backed up by huge amount of work. We also liked the quality of the photos and the fact that detail images provide an educational view of the techniques used - very thoughtful. Not only is the quality of modeling represented by this Flanker outstanding, but the article as such epitomizes the iModeler ideal - inspirational, generous sharing.

But wait, there is more...

We are also awarding a prize as a token of appreciation to all our contributors. This is selected through an entirely random draw among all the entries of the month. This time, our lucky winner is David Mills with his Midway Group Build entry, an Academy 1/72 F4 Wildcat finished in the markings of Lt Wilmer. E. Rawie. It is one the many stories that helped us learn so many new things about the Battle of Midway during its anniversary month.

Honorable Mentions: Our 14(!) Extraordinary Finalists

The can only be one main award, but all the following contributions are equally wonderful!
(listed in no particular order)

1. David Hansen - A Corsair for Bob
2. Richard Mcstay - Harrier GR-7
3. Kitti Tatsumaki - 1/72 Russian Navy Sukhoi Su-33 Flanker D “Red 80”
4. Kitti Tatsumaki - 1/72 F-14D Super Tomcat VF-2
5. Kitti Tatsumaki - 1/72 JASDF 303rd TSF F-15J Eagle “60th Anniversary”
6. Rob Pollock - HMS Victory, 1805
7. Maxim Bylkin - Special Hobby 1/32 Bristol M.1C
8. Michal Walusz - 1/48 Fine Molds Mitsubishi A7M1 Reppu “Sam”
9. Won-hui Lee - 1/700 USS Missouri 1945. 9.2
10. Won-hui Lee - 1/350 Missouri 1944
11. Kitti Tatsumaki - 1/35 Russian 2K12 Kub SA-6 “Gainful”
12. Ruben A. Torres Borrego - Revell Germany 1/48 A-20G Havoc, from late 2012
13. Alan Price - Airfix B-17 100 Group
14. Michael Drover - Tamiya P-47D ‘The Reamer’

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19 responses

  1. I have no idea how you can pick a winner. It sounds corny but I do believe any of those candidates could/should have won. Huge respect to all.

  2. Congratulations to the winners, and congratulations to the iModeler staff for taking on such a difficult task.

  3. Well done, everyone. Another good month!

  4. Winners, one and all, in my estimation... (and Kitti should get a 'prize' just for having the most entries in the also-rans). LOL

  5. Excellent selections, some really nice models. Good work everyone !

  6. Excellent selections!

  7. Congratulations to all, and also thanks very much! It means a lot seeing the Harrier up there along side the others!

  8. Just amazing work. And not to take anything away from any of them--they are all incredible--but I can think of half a dozen models offhand that didn't even make the honorable mentions that I think are simply off the chain fantastic.

  9. Grega X's model is beautiful work but, the frosting on the cake is seeing how the magician pulls off the magic. A tutorial with great graphics/photos and a work sheet on how to use all of that resin stuff that we all have to have to build a competent model. On the whole very professional and inspirational build The article alone could win. Good choice for model of the month/article.

  10. Congrats to all!

  11. Wow! I must admit that i didn't expect that as some of the builds here on imodeler are out of this world for me. Obviously all of You enjoyed my build log, and I promise I will try to pull something like that in the future builds for all of You to enjoy. (and perhaps learn). Thank You all for compliments!

  12. The Flanker is really impressive as a fighter and as a model kit !

  13. Excellnt model all of them, congratulations!

  14. Very high standards, again, this month, congratulations to everyone involved.

  15. Congratulations to all of you. Impressive models all of them in their own right. For the jury it will get harder every month I guess. It's allways very inspiring to read and learn about the builds and history of the real subject. Again my compliments to all!

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