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1/48 BF110G-2 Revell Monogram.

August 14, 2017 · in Aviation · · 15 Comments

I had this kit in my stash for some time. I bought a Cutting Edge engine correction set for it, and didn't think about building it until I saw the release of the Eduard BF110G-2 kit. The boxing I bought was the Wespen release, which comes with a resin nose. Unfortunately the kit decals had degraded, so that meant I had to look for a markings scheme.

I really liked an option in the Eduard kit, which essentially was a bomber hunter- with a belly mounted cannon pod. The wespen option (which I originally wanted with the Revellogram kit), apparently was a bomber with no cannon pod.

I fit the Cutting Edge parts, and modified the sit of the undercarriage legs (after some research on the internet) using photos of actual 110's and the advice on an online build.

I used AG 110 decals for the national markings and stencils, and modified some Revell- Me410 decals for the fuselage codes.

While in the middle of the build, I found a vac canopy in a hobby store for the Revell-Monogram 110- thanks to my yearly trip to Pensacola and Bobe's Hobby!

I am glad I finally have my 110 built- looking forward to getting some other WW2 twins built!

10 additional images. Click to enlarge.

15 responses

  1. Very nice job, especially the canopy

    • Thanks George, Hand painted- faster than masking for me.
      I future the vac or clear styrene first, paint the interior colour, then future again, then paint the exterior colour, future to seal it all up, and then flat coat the frames if the finish is matte.

  2. Ah, Bobe's...only been there once when I went to the Naval Air Museum (wish P-cola wasn't so far from Daytona) - great place to shop.
    Oh...and a nice job on your -110, Dan. 🙂

  3. I like! I've admired the look of the 110. Too bad it didn't perform as intended, but they found other uses for it. Great model.

    That nose picture featuring the "business end" of the a/c is quite menacing.

    • Thanks Jeffry, I am experimenting with lighting and photography, but always seem to get high contrast in my images, partly how i am lighting, partly the white backdrop (need to go with a photo blue or grey) and partly the lens setup I have been using. I like trying for some drama in my photos- as much as you can have with a plastic kit!

  4. Love the ultra clean shiney finish,very nice job all round Dan.

    • Thanks Neil. I wanted to weather it a bit, but kept my usual future coat for decals, and then a flat topcoat. Oddly the flat I use allows for a bit of glass to come through, and in some angles the finish looks satin or almost gloss.

  5. I love the ultra clean ,shiney finish, great work all round Dan.

  6. Very nice, clean build. I love the 110 - just great lines and a menacing "pointy end," especially with the belly pod!

    • Thanks Greg! I like the larger engine nacelles of the G series, but have seen a profile of an all black E with yellow theater markings I really want to do! However I am trying to keep my 110's to this single example- as part of a collection of WW2 twins from different nations in the War.

  7. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Very nice clean and sharp modeling Dan.
    Looks like a museum display piece. Demands to be looked at.
    I am much in par with Jeffry.

  8. Beautiful build!

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