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Hasegawa's 1/32 P-47D

August 21, 2017 · in Aviation · · 10 Comments

Hello. I would like to introduce you to Helen Jo of the 356th FS 9th AF.
I wanted to use some of this AK Interactive's Xtreem Metal for quite a while. I find that is is easy to apply and actually stays put when you prep the surface well. This build took place over the last month and I became readily absorbed in the build and really couldn't wait until I had it completed. As it sits now I have yet to put the center line tank on and maybe a few bitsey bits as well.

I used various means of weathering as I felt that they all have their specific applications and for me they behave in an expected way during application. For the panel lines I used Faber Castel PITT pens (light gray) and then wiped it away with my finger. Being an India ink based product it also cleans up with water or a slightly dampened paper towel. for the streaking I used a mixture of soft pastels and Humbrol Decal fix. Just scrape the desired color into a small jar and add the decal fix to the powdered scrapings and that will be useful to use for streaking. The fading effects is done by applying Tamiya's weathering system B and C with a medium small brush and just lightly working the color into the area that you want to weather.
The only thing that I am not totally pleased with is my photography but that comes with time.

Thanks for looking in.

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10 responses

  1. Nice looking aircraft and except for the clutter the photos look great. I just bought some 3'x2' in light blue and black for a few $ a sheet from Walmart to serve as backgrounds, very effective

  2. A nice-lookin' build, Paul ("clutter" and all)...I especially like that overhead shot of the cowling - don't ask me why - it's just 'different' and shows your detail really well.

  3. Paul, A very nice scheme and nice workmanship on one of my favorite airplanes. I'm pleased to see somebody else is using these PITT pens. They have been a favorite for quit awhile and work very well.

  4. Excellent T-Bolt!

  5. Thank you all for the kind comments. This is my first build here in quite a long while.

  6. Paul, she's a beauty! Odd to say that for a Jugernaut. The unit schemes got gaudier towards the end, and I love the pinup on the cowing. They knew what they were fighting for!

  7. This is a great Thunderbolt, Paul! I like your painting & weathering. I'd never seen that paint scheme in color before & I find it quite interesting. Like Bernie said, the pinup adds a lot to the build. Not only did the know what they were fighting for, it seems they had a great appreciation for good artwork!

  8. Great build Paul! I can see the weathering better here than in the other pics you sent me, and it looks great! I'd like to see the pens you use, but I'll miss the Sept meeting due to Ave's football game.

  9. Thank you all for the kind comments

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