Revell Germany 1/72 FW 190 F8/R14

August 8, 2017 · in Aviation · · 11 Comments

Just finished past week, an old mold that required some care to improve it. As you can see I made use of several resin additions and a vacuum-formed canopy that required a lot of adjustment to make it fit, I scratch built several details not included in the kit to make the model conform to the F8/R14 prototype, markings and colors are a best guess taking into account the information provided in the Valiant Wings book and the instructions and I used Wet Transfers for most of them. Unfortunately Revell molded the undercarriage legs without the proper leaning inwards but I can live with them since this is a very unusual configuration of the famous Butcher Bird that I´m adding to my collection. And it waited for many years in the stash to finally see the light, some of you may have built this kit before and might notice the changes and additions done.

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11 responses

  1. Excellent work Ruben! Great weathering and finishing. A beautiful model, and an unusual subject with the torpedo hanging from it.

  2. Looks to me like it turned out pretty good, my friend...despite the many "shortcomings" mentioned. Nice work!

  3. Excellent model. Like has been said, it's such an unusual subject with the torpedo.

  4. Ruben, you took a basic kit and turned it into something special. Your paint work and overall finish looks great. Well done !

  5. Great choice and beautifully executed. Love it!

  6. I have this kit and what killed it for me was the OOB wind screen being off. The vac-canopy that saves the model. I'll have to look into that.

    Two thumbs up Ruben.

  7. Yes looks good Ruben, well done.

  8. The torpedo and the excellent finish really set this model apart.

  9. Great work ! never saw a torpedo on a 190.

  10. You have made a realy good job on this kit, like it very much!

  11. Hello, thank you all for your kind comments.

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