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Eduard 1/48 Bf 109G-4/R6

January 23, 2019 · in Aviation · · 27 ≡

This is a remake of a previous build of this aircraft that met an unfortunate demise. The figure was intact and matched the pose for Schiehs so I replaced the original Hasegawa build with the . This is pretty much box stock except for Brassin wheels and a Yahu instrument panel. The pilot is Franz Schiehs of 8/Jg 53 in Comiso, Sicily, February, 1943.

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  1. Very nice! I like these kits.

  2. Impeccable. Really nice.

  3. WOW! That looks awesome, great finish! How does the Eduard kit compare to the new fancy Tamiya G-6?

    • Thank you, Ramon. The Eduard kits are pretty good with just a few very minor gripes. No clear wingtip navigation lights, pitot tube molded onto the wing, exhaust stacks can’t be installed from the outside...pretty minor stuff. I don’t have the new Tamiya kit to compare it to...yet.

      • FWIW, the kit has a separate (and better) pitot tube on the sprue. I generally just cut them off, drill out a little hole with a #11 blade. The "solid" exhausts are better that the "hollow" ones for fit and the difference isn't really noticeable. Personally, I like the Eduard kit better than Tamiya's toy.

  4. Great looking aircraft

  5. Nice presentation right there, John...I like that one.

  6. Outstanding - very impressive indeed! Stunning presentation!

  7. Very nice, the Mediterranean 109s are usually the underdog when it comes to choosing a model subject, no idea why since some sport the most unusual colors and patterns. 2 of my current bench works are 109 in southern vests. I like your black 1, solid build and paintwork with the bonus of a great figure. Keep them coming

  8. Beautifully built, painted and presented, John. For my money the scheme is a lot more interesting and far prettier than the standard ‘Grey Wolf’ colors.


  9. Splendid Bf109, John! You get 2 thumbs up on your presentation, build, & painting.


  10. Good job John, I like it.

  11. Beautiful work all the way around on this. I really like your paint work.

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