Suchoi T-50-1 PAK-FAPit Road 1/144

August 22, 2017 · in Aviation · · 14 · 2K

Nice model from . i built as a prototyp with grey and yellow colors. I didn´t use the decals.

More picture can find at my homepage:

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  1. Beautifully done, Bjorn! This is a very interesting paint scheme.

    Well done!

  2. 1/144th scale...? You could've fooled ME ! VERY nice detail for that size (I don't know just how big (small) it is in actual size, but your workmanship is outstanding.

  3. Thnk you for your comments. I build only planes in 1/144 and ships in 1/700. So can you be sure, it´s a small fighter. I forgot a pic with a centpiece.

  4. Cracking little build, simple but executed really well with a great backdrop! I'm really interested to see how these jets look when they enter service!

  5. It's a shame Pit-Road made such a bad job of the nose area. Looking good in the naked scheme though!

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