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MiG-21MF 'Fishbed-J'

September 13, 2017 · in Aviation · · 31 · 2.8K

I don't do a lot of commission builds so this is more of an exception. A flight-simming friend did me a lot of favors in the last few months for which I am very grateful. And he's a big fan so one thing led to another and I present you a ‘Fishbed' made for him. It's a well known MiG-21MF model in 1:48 scale. As he wished that the aircraft is on ground with a pilot in the cockpit, I've decided to go for weekend edition of this popular kit. I used Aerobonus resin pilot with ejection seat and Begemot decals for the stars and bort number as the kit comes only with one Slovak option.

The build was pretty much uneventful although I did experience some minor fit problems in the lower fuselage/wings join to the fuselage. Painting was done with combination of Alclad metallics and Mr.Paint lacquers.

Model Data
Company: Eduard
Scale: 1:48
Aftermarket: Begemot 48-002 MiG-21, Aerobonus MiG-21 pilot with ejection seat
Paints used: Mr.Paint (MRP-001 Russia Turquoise Cockpit, MRP-004 White, MRP-32 Green for Wheels, MRP-051 RLM04 Yellow, MRP-098 Light Gull Gray, MRP-049 Light Gray Blue, MRP-131 Interor Green, MRP-173 Tire-Rubber Matt, , MRP-186 Light Gray)
Alclad (ALC-101 Aluminum, ALC-103 Dark Aluminum, ALC-104 Pale Burnt Metal, ALC-106 White Aluminum, ALC-111 Magnesium, ALC-113 Jet Exhaust, ALC-123 Exhaust Manifold, ALC-405 Transparent Smoke, ALC-416 Hotmetal Sepia)

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31 responses

  1. Nice work! I love that kit.

  2. Hi Sebastijan,

    Exellent job.


  3. Very nice work, my friend...I'm sure you're "return favor" won't go without gratitude. A good job indeed.

  4. Nice job dude, beautiful finish. Your friend is going to LOVE it!

  5. I'm willing to bet if your friend is using FSX, he's probably flying Ivan Jurcaga's MiG-21MF (or F-13). Both really nice bits of freeware! Wish the came with a silver Soviet texture as your model depicts. I may have to get this kit as I only have a Fishbed-D. (Also want Trumpy's UB variant!)

    • Josh, actually we are flying DCS World combat simulator with a really nicely done MiG-21bis module - fully functional cockpit with every button clickable and the best flight model out there.

      • I've tried downloading it but the file is huge! I should try again with my new download manager. Should be able to get it all now. I have seen the DCS Fishbed on YouTube and wanted in immediately! How's the multiplayer?

        • It's awesome. Especially if you find a group of guys to fly with and do some team work. I have to admit, I don't fly MiG a lot - prefer the F-5 and especially the A-10C; I love ground pounding. If you'll give it a go, let me know and I'll try to help you out.

  6. the bare metal texture and weathering is so realistic

  7. Very nice finish - subtle shading on the NMF, and your wash work accentuates the details nicely - a well done NMF model!

  8. Great job and finish on my favorite MiG!

  9. Probably my favourite Mig, too, your finish really sets it off a treat.

  10. Absolutely STUNNING!

  11. I've always admired the "Fishbed's" futuristic look from back in the late '50s / early '60s aircrafty.

    Well done!

  12. I've always admired the "Fishbed's" futuristic look from back in the late '50s / early '60s aircraft.

    Well done!

  13. That really looks the part mate, up to your usual high standard!

  14. Top notch work!

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