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1/32 Revell (Hasegawa) Spitfire Mk.1A K9962

Here is my - Mk.1a finished with the markings of Farquhar's Mk.1a K9962.
In fact this is re–issue of old Hasegawa’s hybrid release (ST14 in 2001) with Revell brand years ago. In this kit, Hasegawa produced new wings parts . The wings have been scribed with the correct panel lines and shell ejector ports. The fuselage, cockpit, landing gear and minor parts are all lifted directly from the vintage plastic of the Mk.Vb. The problem is the mismatching surface detail - engraved on the wings and raised elsewhere. And also note that oil cooler needs to be backdated.

So first step in build process is scribing fuselage panel lines.

Second step is modifying cockpit area. For this upgrading I have used the following goodies:

  • Barracudacast seat
  • Barracudacast Mk I V upgrade set
  • PE set (out of production)

I have used “Archer fine transfer” fasteners set for detailing engine cowling.

Other modifications are:
-Masterdetails horizontal surfaces
-Eagle part Mk1 oil cooler
-Barracudacast cockpit door
-Quickboost exhaust and propeller set
-Barracudacast wheels
-Scale Aircraft Conversion Metal landing gear legs
Painting was done with Gunze Sangyo and acrylics. Upper Surfaces painted to RAF Dark green and RAF Dark earth with Gunze paints. Lower surfaces painted with Tamiya paints.
I have used Fündekals decal set

35 additional images. Click to enlarge.

19 responses

  1. Yet another piece of "art" from Mr. Ulgur...always a treat to view your work, sir. 🙂

  2. Beautiful early Spit, Tolga. You do wonderful work!

  3. Great looking build as usual, Tolga.

  4. Another beautiful model Tolga!

  5. Well this build fits with "Something old,Something new and Something borrowed. " Looks like all the cobbled pieces were made to fit and the kit turned out to be a good looking Spitfire. I like the painting, doing Spitfires and getting the Green and Browns to have the same values and intensities is a art in and of itself. Everything works and the early markings help create the impress of the real thing and not just a plastic model.

    Two thumbs up.

  6. Well done Tolga, high standard build as always I may add.

  7. A real pleasure to see such a faithful homage to these early Spits. Really well done! I've got one of these kits waiting for attention on the shelf. All those modifications probably mean it will sit there for some time while I accumulate the after market parts to make this scale Mk 1.

  8. Very very nice. As usual. It takes real talent to be this consistently good.

  9. I have this kit, now I have the inspiration to build it! Well done!

  10. Beautiful work as per your usual standard. I like it !

  11. Your knowledge of the prototype and your modelling skills have produced yet another model of us to enjoy. Like Tom Cleaver said above, to be this consistently good is very impressive.

  12. Thanks to all for their nice comments.

  13. A great one, Tolgar.

  14. I have to marvel at the artistic talent that you have applied on your Spitfire Tolga . That is a beautiful work of art Sir! :O)
    Best regards, Steve Cook

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