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Tamiya 1/48 scale DeHavilland Mosquito MK VI

Depiction: 605 squadron / 100 bomber support group.
Bradwell Bay Essex England 1943.
Pilot Leader: Heath

One of the aircraft that is probably on everybody's list of their top favorite aircraft of WWII, and what's not to like. The beautiful sound of RR music powering a sleek/fast streamlined wooden wonder !... Bloody cool, old boy !

I recall talking with a pilot, who recalled seeing a as they were flying back from a mission. As it flew by them, he noticed one of the wing tips had suffered some battle damage. Upon landing he observed one of the crew sawing off the damaged area with a hand saw. A few days later, the same Mosquito flew by them again, only this time he noticed the wing tip was still missing, hmmm !

The kit is a wonderful kit (as usual from Tamiya ). It does have a few little fit issues, mainly with the separate cockpit bay section. This of course was done to accommodate other version of this aircraft. Not a big issue, but one that requires attention too, to get it lined up right.

The cockpit and bomb bay area's are very well detailed, Tamiya did a great job engineering these areas, and with a few little add on's these areas can look really nice.

For this project I custom made my own seatbelts out of leaded foil and small gauge wire. The decals are from Aeromaster Mosquito raiders sheet.
I painted the black under service with model master acrylic semi gloss black. I found this paint is very smooth when dry. The upper surfaces were painted with MM enamels.
Exhaust stains were done with pastel chalks.

Sorry about the little bits of dust I noticed in some of the pictures. The O'l eyes aren't quite what they use to be. That could be why I don't build my own seatbelts anymore !

7 additional images. Click to enlarge.

11 responses

  1. Terry, blast if you didn't beat me to it! This very kit, and intentions for this very scheme, are on my bench and in my mind. I doubt I will come close. Beautifully done!

    • David, I've seen your stuff and I wouldn't hesitate doing this one. For one thing by the time you get it done, mine would have long passed down the list, and mine is not without a few mistakes. Besides, if you need any tips, you know how to get ahold of me and I also have some spare parts and extra decals should you need them. Also, thanks for the kind comments, very much appreciated.

  2. The Achilles heel of the Tamiya Mossie is the tail. It reminds me of the shark in Jaws. Way too big. However, that is not the modelers fault and the majority of the kit say's Tamiya ...who could ask for more. Some really tight,sharp painting and some strong work make for a excellent build. Two thumbs up Terry.

    • You have a sharp eye, Stephen. I went through some books and you are right on. The tail looks like it would be better suited for wind surfing. I'm not quite sure if its too tall, too thin, or too pointy, or maybe all three. Either way, something seems a little off.

  3. Mk. VI, not IV. I hate it when I commit typomorons like that. (and you'd be surprised how many I found on the fourth read-through of the most recent book manuscript!)

  4. Sharp-lookin' build, Terry...nice work. 🙂

  5. Very nice work on a classic, Terry.

  6. Nice job Terry, and yes like you it's also one of my favorite planes from WWII. Really nice paint job on this classic.

  7. Very nice - and yes, I do love the Mossie!

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