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1/48 Yak-28 by Bobcat

November 29, 2017 · in Aviation · · 18 · 3.7K

Just a quick peek at my build of Bobcat's amazing Yak-28. Just a beautifully molded and detailed kit of this Oh-So-Soviet era "60's interceptor. This is a Fun kit to build! Just be careful of all the sharp and pointy parts, the anti-flutter wing fixtures, wing fences, and jet engine shock cones are especially sharp! This is a great kit to break an AMS slump!

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  1. Nice work! I enjoyed it too.

  2. Striking craftsmanship, my friend...and I especially like the effect achieved with the tarmac.

  3. It looks great, Juan, I only wish I could buy one, it seems to have sold out here.

  4. that looks great! how was the fit and engineering?

    • I was very surprised to find that the fit, engineering and finish of the plastic is first-rate. The molding is very crisp except for the cockpit details, the bang seats ar multi piece assemblies that have indistinct detailing and no provided instrument decals. Also, the nose gear is in my opinion unneccessarily complicated and you have to be careful to make sure all the wheels are touching the ground. The panel details, fit and overall Sharpness (BE CAREFUL) is very impressive! The anti flutter pods on the wingtips are needle-sharp!

  5. Gorgeous build! I really hope to have Firebar in 1/72 also..

  6. It is great ... a good idea for a stand ... it is a pity that you did not give the pilot figures in the cabin. Well done and nicely done painting, I like it

  7. Great looking build! Having seen two of these posted recently, I am going to HAVE to get a 1/72 kit to add to my stash. It is just too cool an aircraft to not have in my cabinet!

  8. Really sweet Juan. You sure captured the “make out of steel” look.

    • Thanx Rick! This one is another one of those fun fun kits to build, not a whole lot of stress involved. This kit fits well and looks great when complete...just have to watch out for all the pointy bits...I had to use foam to protect myself!

  9. Cool looking cold war fighter - aggressive character. Very suitable speed base for this model, but there is no pilot in cockpit ! 😉

  10. Thanks for posting. I picked up the kit when it first came out and you've thankfully proven that is worth buying.

  11. Thanx to all for the comments! This is a model well-worth considering, especially when you consider it was molded and marketed by a little-known company. I do believe NeoMega has a resin set available now as well as Eduard with a pe set.

  12. And yea I realize I'm missing 2 crew...I think they ran away before I could paint them!

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