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1970’s survivor

September 10, 2021 · in Aviation · · 29 · 2.3K

This F-100D Super Saber is my oldest model airplane . I built it when it first came out in the late 1970s when I was in high school in Monument, Colorado. My Badger Wren airbrush was used to paint it with Polly S paints . I'm sure Testors tube glue was used putting it together.

It has survived over 40 years and several moves almost entirely intact , just missing a little from the long pitot tube, and is a little dusty.

At onetime I had the entire in 1/48 scale. Now I'm down to just the & F-105. It would be a worthy quest to find the rest of the Monogram kits to complete the group once again.

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  1. Still looks great, Jay (@ssgt). I have the same model, completed as an aerial target, that is almost that old. It has also survived several moves, and is now packed awaiting our move to a new house. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks George @gblair, I’d like to see some photographs of your F-100 sometime . Looking at mine this morning made me wish I had another one to build, I have some Colorado ANG decals I’d like to use on it.

      • Thanks for asking, Jay (@ssgt). It is packed up awaiting our move to a new house. I found one photo on my phone with some of it. If you are looking for another Revell/Monogram F-100, Rare-plane Detective usually has them, although I just checked and they are out right now. You can also find them on Ebay for about $20 or so. My wife is from Colorado (Granby), so I build a few planes with markings from Colorado units. I got a chance to fly in an F-100 just before I went to pilot training. It was an experience!

        1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

        • That must have been awesome to get to fly in an F-100 @gblair. When I was in the Air Guard I got to “ ride the brakes “ in an A-7 as it was being towed across the ramp in Gulf Port, MS. during some war games. Not quite the same as flying in an F-100, but that’s the closest I came, other then flying around the country in the back of C-130s, C-141s, KC-135 & 10s.

        • That’s a beautiful F-100 @gblair. I just noticed the photo you attached. What B-25 is that ?

          • Thanks, Jay (@ssgt). Keeping with the theme of building old Revell/Monogram kits, it is the old 1/64 Revell B-25 with the globe stand. I sanded off anything that was out-of-scale, then I added decals from the spares. In the photo, you can see the wing and wing float from the Revell Mariner. I think the Mosquito is the old Monogram version.

  2. These are classic Monogram kits that still builds into very nice renditions of my favourite Vietnam war aircraft. The F-105 D "Polish Glider" is a firm favourite. They look very good Jay. Well done my friend.

  3. @ssgt, Still looking good Jay! Congratulations on keeping her intact for all that time! I'm slowly getting my Century Series together; working on the Monogram F-102 at the moment and still have the F-105 and F-106 in the stash. Those old Monogram kits can be a lot of fun, but they also are a source for some good headaches too! ;). Let me put it this way; when I finish this one, it will be a good long while before I start another one. 🙂

    Oh, by the way, my very first article here at iModeler was my Monogram F-100. If interested, here she is, from long ago:

    • That’s a great looking F-100 @garybrantley, at first glance I thought they were photos of a real airplane. You’ve been on imodeler a long time !

      • @ssgt, Thanks a lot Jay! Yeah, I've been around here (and everywhere else too 😉 ) for a long while. That Hun of mine could use some better pics now that I've seen them again. Those were made with our first digital cam, a Sony 2.1. It deserves a new trip to the o' these days... 😉

  4. Nice model, Jay. Well-done from long ago. And NO SIGN of teen-ager sloppy use of Testor's blue tube glue.
    Also, great trio of beauties on the glass shelf. All good.

  5. That's a really great F-100, my friend Jay!
    Amazing that you tackled the model and, especially, the airbrush so perfectly back then!
    And it's really awesome that the model survived almost intact through all these years!

    • Hi Spiros @fiveten ! Getting a new model was a big deal back then and they didn’t stay unbuilt long, like they seem to now. I really liked my Wren airbrush and wish Polly S paint was still on the shelves. I don’t miss the tube glue though. I’m glad the airplane is still in my collection, it’s a link to the past.

  6. Jay, looks great still! These kits hold up well for sure both in the stash and on the shelf. I picked this still-wrapped kit up a month or so ago for a fair price, but it'll be a while before I get around to it. If you need help finding some Monogram kits, I'm fairly certain I've got a lead on a 101, 102, and 104, just let me know via PM.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  7. An absolute beauty, Jay @ssgt
    You can definitely be proud of that build, not only because of how you build her but also because she has survived in perfect condition for all those years.
    Sometimes I wish I would have saved my early builds as well.
    Seems you new how to build models perfectly at a young age already.

  8. Thanks, @johnb, for the kind words.
    My modeling efforts are sometimes hit or miss. I just try to do my best.

  9. Good looking Hun Jay, nice paint job as well.

  10. I agree, she still looks great!

  11. Thank you @roofrat & @tom-bebout ! I think it is good looking , just needs a good clean up, and a couple of Bullpup missiles , I don’t know why I didn’t put those on. I’ve still got that old Wren airbrush, I may get it out and see how it does .

  12. They look great, Jay. The Monogram Century series kits are some of my favorite models.

  13. Thank you , John @j-healy ! In my view… the Monogram Century Series kits have just right amount of complexity & detail.

  14. Looks good! When I first started back into building as an adult, the 1/48 Mono Voodoo was one of my first builds. Those Mono kits are just fun to put together.

  15. Hello, Greg @gkittinger,
    Monogram made some great kits, and a few that weren’t. All their Century Series jets were pretty cool though.

  16. For an old build, it still looks great! In one of my moves I lost a few of my bigger builds. Models are hard to keep together in its original final built look. Last year after 30 years I got to restore a few of the smaller built kits from way back. Good to see them back on the shelves again but decals on a couple really showed their age.

    • Bob @v1pro, This F-100 and a 1/200 Nichimo Japanese submarine are my two oldest. The sub is mostly intact but is in pretty sorry shape. I’ve given though to trying to restore it to look nicer, I keep it just because of the memories associated with it. This summer I found the same kit on the consignment table at the hobby shop. It was priced at $7.50. I asked the owner if that was right and he said yes, so now it’s mine. $7.50 was almost free.

      The old models you have posted on imodeler look great. You’ve got some nice oldies.
      Your Lancaster looks really good.

      • Thanks Jay, when I took the photo shots of my Lancaster I took them without the flash. With the flash, this poor model would have really shown a kit that needs to get stripped down and repainted again LoL...but still it is nice to have them to enjoy.

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