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Eduard 1/48 Fw 190D-9 JG 301

November 16, 2017 · in Aviation · · 10 · 2.1K

Finally beaten into submission. While not as maddeningly difficult as 's Anton series, this one has it's fit issues. Two main complaints are- 1. covers designed for open display do not adapt well to closing up (note the gun cover being too small for the fuselage) and, 2. While these pics do not show it due to photo angles, the tailplane is out of kilter with the wings by several degrees. I think(?) fuse halves came out of the molds with a warp ( I installed tailplanes dead square to the vertical stab ). And, BTW, how on Earth did Ed miss the exhaust deflector for the supercharger intake? Made mine from .005 plastic card.

The silvered walk line decals are just my shabby modeling... decals were excellent quality. disqualified from OOB by the use of Stainless hypo tubing for MG 151 20 mm barrels but quite irrelevant given the tailplane/wing mis-alignment. Gotta love the late war patchwork dispersed assembly paint job on this bird.

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  1. Turned out pretty good, Stan...I like it. 🙂

  2. It looks great to me! Stan, I like the way you did the panel lines. I've seen many that - to me - have too much black "washed" in. Just a subtle amount to show depth.


  3. Stan, Looks good, I've heard of the fit issues on this kit and appears to me that your model skill tackled these issues well. Nice work !

  4. Silvering aside Stan your Dora looks fantastic.
    The subtle weathering and the excellent paint work you’ve achieved really do justice to the model. Been for years in my stash but strangely never got the mojo to build it. Thanks score the heads up about some issues you encountered.

  5. Despite the issues you had Stan it looks quite nice to me.

  6. Stan, you took its measure! I suspect that the originals had some out of true issues, as well. If you hadn't mentioned the tail, I'd probably have missed it.

  7. I always love me some Doras! Nice!

  8. I really like the late War Luftwaffe fighters, both the 109 and the 190. Yours captured the look rather well. Two thumbs up Sir !

  9. Very nice Stan - I like the paint work and weathering, and yes - it is a fun subject with the variety of panels!

  10. One excellent build!

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