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It Rolls!!

November 28, 2017 · in Uncategorized · · 23 · 1.7K

Here is my Entex scale Silver Cloud II. A very basic kit done in the family colors. (of course). This was a fun but a bit laborious on the paint side. rattle can with three coats of Future. I have added a fairly new product at the end. This is the Molotow chrome paint pens. I have tried them all this is CHROME! right from the pen. If you look at the photos it looks like there is a gap where the top of the hood meets the sides. It looks this way because of the chrome accent I added to the body. This is a reflection not a gap..

Sooo... Pardon me,, Do you have any Grey Pupon? (does anyone remember that ad).

Hope you enjoy,

California Steve

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  1. I LOVE gray poupon!

    Nice Rolls, Steve! That's some chrome!

  2. Thank you very much Jeffry. It was a fun project.
    California Steve

  3. Steve, very nice, love the hood ornament !

  4. I'm a little disappointed, Steve - you don't have Marvin the Martian in the driver's seat... 🙂

    Cool paint job!

    Grey Poupon? But of course!

    • Thanks Jaime, Now does anyone have a spare decal sheet for John Lennon's car they aren't using? Remember that paint job?
      Now I want a ham and Swiss cheese sandwich...
      with Grey Pupon.
      California Steve

  5. Thanks Terry. The hood ornament was the one piece that had some flash on it. I really had to take my time with it. No hood flying lady. no Rolls.
    Thanks for the nice comment.
    California Steve

  6. Nice lookin' Rolls, Steve - those pens work pretty good, too... 🙂

  7. Beautifully done, Steve, some say this was the last of the "readl" Rolls Royces, and who am I to argue? No idea what grey pupon is/was, must be an American thing. Oh, year, picture 3, either that's a mirror image or the steering wheel is on the wrong side!

  8. P.S. The funny thing is the windscreen wipers appear to be set up for a RHD car, maybe it never rains in California...

    • Hey George, how are you doing. First thank you very much.
      Grey Pupon is a spicy tasty mustard. Only folks with Rolls Royce consume according to a old TV commercials. And yes RHD by special order. And it rained once in California. Well all that said it is good to hear from you and thanks for the nice words.
      California Steve

  9. Nice job Steve, great looking Rolls. Had a friend who once told me he had a Rolls Canhardly. When asked what that was, he responded it rolls down one hill and can hardly get up the next.

  10. I'm glad you like her Tom. It was a fun model to do. And I believe the proper spelling on that particular model is Rolls Kanhardly. I am often wrong. Thanks again.
    California Steve

  11. Classy looking Rolls Steve. I also use the liquid chrome pens and love them for touch up and hard to get places.

    • Thank you Jack. Burbank House of Hobbys has a 1/24 car body by the chrome pen display with a sample pen for customers to try. I love the look on customers faces when they give them a try. It's like SOLD! real fun stuff.
      California Steve

  12. Classy was the word I was going to use, before Jack beat me to the punch! And a little Grey Poupon does add class to a sandwich as well - yep - I'm old enough to remember...

    • Thank you Gregg. I have seen folks put a little bowl of the O'l Grey on a cheese plate. Just to add a little Zing.
      Shouldn't we be talking about models...Naaaaa...
      California Steve

  13. Nice work. Where does one get these pens?

  14. 'To the country club, James' Looks great!

  15. Thanks Robert, I had a chance to ride in one a few years back.
    Talk about Smooooooth, and quiet.
    California Steve

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