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Vintage 1/32 Hasegawa F4B-4 Pre-War Bi-Plane

November 24, 2017 · in Aviation · · 11 · 2.3K

I had this model sitting in my stash for over 20 years. Never gave it much of a look due to its age, and many other more modern models waiting to hit the workbench. But one day between projects, and commission builds, I needed to do something unique and different. I opened the box and observed some fairly nice molded silver/grey plastic, good details, and small parts count. I thought to myself "with a little scratch building and additional details, with a flashing paint scheme, this could be a real eye-turner. I also was on a bi-plane kick recently finishing a few Wingnut Wings models, and the new Revell Boeing Stearman. So I gave it a go. My biggest disappointment with the kit was a lack of good detail in cockpit, a toy looking pilots seat, and the engine molded in one piece. So I added some details to the main cockpit housing b/c with open cockpit this is a very visual area. I scratch built a new seat, and added some seat belts. I modified the instrument panel by drilling out dials and added style dial decals. I also needed to order a new decal sheet from "Yellow Wing" decals b/c original sheet was rotted out and very overly simplified. Construction begins and this baby falls together with "0" fit issues even with the modified cockpit. I could dry fit a huge part of the model with no glue and minimize gaps. This was also the easiest bi-plane I ever built due to the great engineering of this old kit. Just plan ahead with the assembly, test fit, and glue. I know these planes usually appear very clean but I needed to make it look a little dirty. Therefore I kept weathering fairly light but still had some fun with pre-shading, pin-washes, light dry-brushing, and some filters, I was very pleased with the outcome and she finished up fairly quickly. I finally did some drilling for the rigging, and rigged with EZ-Line. Best stuff if you have not tried it already. I cannot recommend this model more, despite its vintage status, it really is a fun, easy build and is impressive once complete. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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  1. Paul, A wonderful looking model, great job on the weathering giving it that in "use look" but not overdoing it. Its nice to visit the classics once in awhile ! Well done !

  2. Great looking biplane, Paul.. Beautifully painted & finished.

    Well done!

  3. Thank you for kind comments!

  4. Very nice result(s), Paul...personally, I stay away from anything with two wings and rigging wires...(sigh) - 🙁

  5. Very nice ! There's just something about the "Yellow Wings" era that draws me towards these planes. Sort of like a moth to the flame...

    You did a fantastic job on this. I didn't know there was so much stenciling used on these early birds. I like it... a lot.

  6. Great job on this old kit, you've really brought it up to date.

  7. Beautiful build! And with Felix too.

  8. Nic3e work, but the Senior COP of the squadron would definitely have canceled your weekend liberty and have you spending the weekend with a bucket, soap, rags and a scrub brush. 🙂

    • Senior CPO. And yes, it's a great kit - all the raised detail on it is accurate, having looked at a real one out at Planes of Fame. Ditto for the P-26A and the BF2C-1.

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