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Now for a P-51B

Personally, I like the P-51B better, mostly for its look.

This Tamiya P-51B was done with Aeromaster decals and the Falcon Malcolm hood to do Don O’Hara’s “Shillelagh” of the 353rd FS, 354th FG. As a wingman and element leader from April 1944 to the end of the year, he flew 81 missions and scored 1 victory and 2 probables.

D-day stripes painted and masked, SNJ Aluminum.

11 additional images. Click to enlarge.

6 responses to Now for a P-51B

  1. Another beauty, Tom! Love the parade of Mustangs!!

    I like these early P-51s with the Malcolm Hood.

  2. Like Jeff said…..”I love a parade” – I also like the “B” better than the “D” …(same as the Jugs – Razorbacks look meaner to me).

  3. Great ‘B’ bird, what’s the theme?, 51 P-51’s,Keep them coming.

  4. Nice job, Tom. I’m not a huge Mustang guy, but do prefer the “B” too.

  5. I definitely prefer this canopy.

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