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Phantom F4J 1/48 EDUARD

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17 responses

  1. Phabulous Phantom! (Sorry, I saw that somewhere else & stole the phrase to use here!)

    VERY well done, Leos.

  2. By the way, Welcome to iModeler! I noticed that this is your first submission. It sure is a great one to start with!

  3. These Eduard Phantoms look really good when they are built by someone who has the skill to complete them, and this one is a great example, welcome to iModeler, Leos.

  4. Welcome Leos, and may I add that's a good looking F4J

  5. A popular subject here, and with good reason. Personally I prefer a more faded look to these USN F4s, but the model here is certainly representative nonetheless. Well done!

  6. Thnx a lot for all of you:) more fading is out of question cos i add photo of original one to galery and it looks like new 🙂

  7. Welcome aboard, sir...and who doesn't love those Phantoms! Nice work.

  8. Phantastic " J " bird!

  9. thnks all 🙂 but it have some faults, have next one on table i hope it will be better then this one 🙂 But it will be B variant.

  10. Wow, what an awesome Phantom! A lot of talent went into building this beauty. Thanks for sharing & welcome to iModeler

  11. As a Phantom phanatic, I just have to say WOW - I love it!

  12. Top notch F-4, Leos!

  13. Man, that is nice. The Academy Phantom with all the bells and whistles Eduard adds in their boxing is great. I think the shape is better than the ZM offering, the rear of theirs is just odd. Having served on Connie in VS-38 I always have a soft spot for jets of any era that flew from her decks! Nicely done man!

  14. Leos, you'll always get attention on this site with a Phantom. Wonderfully done, a real 'Silver King'.

  15. Está um bom trabalho, parabéns Leo, no entanto, eu teria envelhecido, ou seja, desgastado a pintura, mostrado que tinha feito missões, com manchas de óleo, de fumo dos motores, mas é apenas a minha modesta opinião.

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