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RMS Titanic 1912, 1/1000 Academy

January 21, 2018 · in Ships · · 17 · 5.5K

Hello folks,
In this long holiday I've been stuck building new things, especially I got a short break with any aircraft things and having some interesting tries.

this is my first ship model, 's 1/1000 RMS with soft epoxy base. looks familiar with this? yeah, that's the technic used in Wonhui Lee's amazing underwater submarine series. after I saw his diorama I got a thinking to made this sinking titanic scene.

Academy's kit was much more than that scale. I just colored some detail but nothing added to more detailing.
And the Riggin'... hell yeah I've really enjoyed it... I rigged with Lycra fiber following academy 1/400's instruction manual.

Mixed Epoxy liquid with hardener and put a drop of clear blue and smoke color.
pour into transparent acrylic case and it took 48 hours for harden. and gel medium layer was added for wave.

In first try, acrylic case was broken while epoxy hardening phase due to epoxy's weight. and that was A disaster cleaning all of that. and ship is still stained with it in some part.

I've made this for decorating my desktop in office. in final photo I added title on side with self printed decal. I paid hours for select font 🙂

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  1. Simply amazing! the water looks so authentic.

  2. Beautiful work, my friend...turned out really well I think. I like it.

  3. Well, no one could accuse you of not exploring the smaller scales of the hobby! Very interesting.

    • Now I think to go further, in 1/1200 passenger ship diorama. like fjord traveler or big cruise ship in gran canal of venice... I think it's really interesting and unveiled field.

  4. Terrific water effect!
    You did also a good job in detailing the ship before sinking her.
    Whereas it is certainly "cool" to represent the Titanic in her iconic fate, I don't believe that such sight is of much support during office hours :).

  5. Outstanding, Hongseob Choi ! You certainly got the water right, and the sad but beautiful ship as well !


  6. It's beautifully executed, and, I'm sure, will look very impressive on your desk, but I don't think the North Atlantic Ocean ever looked liked this, maybe the Titanic had taken a wrong turn and ended up in the South Pacific.

    • Yes you're definitely right, this little 30cm long ship went in Philippine sea and had attack of nemo fish, just kidding. For adding my excuse, I noticed that issue but I decided prettier color for making an decoration object.

  7. Very nice little build. Water looks extremely realistic. I think the Titanic went down in the dark though. You could always change the name of the ship to the her sister ship Britannic going down in the warm blue water 🙂

    • That's also an good idea. in this case I just made it for decoration not so much for realistic diorama thing. so it had bit bright and pretty color. But I think using dark water with adding some drift ice was also nice.

  8. Excellent effort, very realistic and makes you feel the sadness of the loss. I'm actually glad the decks are not covered with "people," as that would have ratcheted up the emotional too much! It's one thing to feel for the "death" of the ship, and another for all those who perished.

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