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1/48 AMK Kfir Fighter Jet…A new molding for a Legendary Fighter

I always loved the Mirage and related Kfir jets used by several air forces including the Israeli military. I had not built a 1/48 Delta wing in some time so when the new company AMK released this model it was time to build another. I had no knowledge about AMK at the time so did not know what to expect. After reading a few very positive results on this new release I jumped right in. The reviews were correct and this was a high-tech, modern, and well engineered molding which holds it own as compared to other high end model companies. The fit was great and the surface detail was really nice. It builds OOB into a nice, museum quality scale model. I used an after-market Camo mask to get the 3-tone pattern just right. I built this mostly OOB and no significant improvements or add-ons are needed. It did come with a good assortment of stores but I always build my jets clean with few exceptions. This model sold quickly on a common auction sight. I sell all of my models because I no longer have any room to properly display, or store safely, and it funds my ability to continually build more, which to me is the whole reason I do it. Comments welcomed, hope you enjoy!

15 additional images. Click to enlarge.

15 responses to 1/48 AMK Kfir Fighter Jet…A new molding for a Legendary Fighter

  1. A well engineered kit with delicate features, just the ticket for a quality Mirage/Kfir project in quarter scale.

  2. VERY nicely done, Paul. You’re right the Mirage/Kfir fighters are beautiful & capable fighters.


  3. Did you get the first release (from 2-3 years ago) or the recent second release? They discovered numerous mistakes on their second release which they corrected in the recent second release.

    Nice work, regardless.

  4. Paul, another great build, a lovely gem of a kit indeed. The same can’t be said about the photos I’m afraid, perhaps a second go at it? The model really deserves it

    • yea, I keep trying different things. At least on this one I used better background and lighting. And I used a 35mm DSLR but dont have a decent micro-lense. I just dont have the same interest in the photo aspect to put the extra work into the pictures. But someday I will take some time and invest myself into this subject. To busy building to focus on that….No Pun Intended..LOL

  5. Stellar work on that camo scheme, sir….good job!

  6. Excellent! I also really like the Mirages and spawn, and I especially am partial to the IAF desert camo scheme. You’re detailing and weathering really make this a masterpiece – museum quality is right!

  7. Fabulous build! I love the paint job, too!

  8. Your model looke smart from here, I’m sure you had no trouble selling it on their well-known auction site. As for the photographs, I’ve seen much worse!

    • yea it sold, but was not one of the quick sells. I do need to work on the photographs. Its funny b/c sometimes I get more feedback on my picture quality then my model work…LOL. I would love to me able to take better pics but that is a whole other thing that I just have not had luck with despite some attempts. SOmetimes just to Lazy and its secondary to me, not purpose of build…LOL

  9. That’s another really cool build with some fantastic weathering underneath!

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