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Battle of Kasserine pass G.B. .Valentine tank ,Tamiya 1/35

Here is my first of two contributions to this G.B. , let me start by thanking my (our) friend Dave for putting this together ,it's been fun I'm sure we'll all agree.
The kit is 's new tank and what a great kit it is, the parts fit was perfect as was the moulding , I have also built the 1/35 Matilda and that one is every bit as good as this.
No need to go on about the campaign itself as I'm sure we're all up to speed,the Valentine was the successor to the Matilda tank but in my view not as pretty as the Matilda. There was also a version with a longer more powerful gun but the one you see here is the most common with the six pounder.
One slightly strange thing I noticed is that the exhaust runs from the engine in the rear to the front and exits right next to the hatch for the drivers compartment,the designers clearly didn't know about carbon monoxide poisoning.

Hope you like it guys and watch this space for my next build the Austin K2 ambulance.
P.S. Due to popular demand I added more pictures including a few for comparison of the Matilda tank , but wait ... what's that hiding in the background in pic 12 ? a sneak preview perhaps...

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  1. Nice job Neil! That Valentine looks really great especially in the desert theme. Exceptional job on the figures as well, something I haven't mastered quite yet. Post more pics buddy, this guy needs more exposure. Well done.

  2. Cheers Tom, the figures ,which are also not my strong point, were really quite easy ,perhaps when I post the K2 I'll include a few more pics of the crew ,to be honest Tamiya make it easy.

  3. Well done Neil ! I agree with Tom, you can paint any of my little tank crew members and pilots any time you wish, as it's one of my weak spots too. Your build looks fantastic. Can you post up more photos ?

  4. Neil, I concur with both Tom and Louis on the compliments. The build looks just fantastic, with great color and weathering. I also love the figurine; very naturalistic and convincing. It is an essential to the GB and indeed to iModeler in general.

    I also concur that you need to hit that little red "edit article" button and add more photos from front, rear, top, 3/4 top/side/rear, etc. We want to see this brute and her best!

  5. Nice build, Neil...I like it.

  6. I believe this is the first Valentine tank I have ever seen built. I know of the tank, but don't get to read about the type much compared to the Matilda and Churchill tanks. Looks great, well done Neil. Thanks for sharing.

    • First one I've ever seen as well Chuck,I prefer the Matilda myself ,if I saw a Valentine and a Matilda together for the first time I would think the Valentine was the older design,thanks for looking pal.

  7. I saw one of these at our IPMS meeting, partially built. The molding was real sharp, and the figure as good as anything resin I've seen. This really looks great.

  8. Very nice Neil! Just the tight amount of weathering and outstanding figure painting. Nice to see one of these built.

  9. Very nice Valentine Neil. As for the figures they are way better than most you see in this scale. Dont give Mr Tamiya all the credit. You done a good job on em.

  10. Thanks Anthony, you're too kind fella!
    Cheers N.

  11. Nice Matilda and wee katy too.

  12. Well spotted on the Katy.

  13. Very neat work, Neil, great addition to this group build. Is the little ambulance overtaking the tank or the other way round?

  14. Neil, this is very nice, would look great on a desert scene.
    (The only issue I have, is with the name. "Valentine" doesn't exactly strike fear in your enemy, especially when its backed up by "Matilda", in other words: What were they thinking ?).
    With that said, your model looks great. I like the addition of the fellows you added, they also look very well finished. Very nice work.

  15. A nice pair of tanks!

  16. Very nice - and an under represented subject!

  17. Hey Greg ,thanks for looking pal.

  18. I'm with Terry. As names, Valentine and Matilda hardly stand up to 'Hunting Tiger' - but hey. Lovely skills, Neil, and the figures are little works of art in their own rights.

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