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Lockheed C 141A Starlifter, 50227, 62nd MAW USAF.

1/200 Dragon, I removed the pilots and covered the undercarriage bays inside the cabin, finished in MM enamels with Future over kit and other decals, build started early 2006.

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30 responses to Lockheed C 141A Starlifter, 50227, 62nd MAW USAF.

  1. Looks good, Allan…what’s the wingspan on this 1/200th kit ?

  2. Trivia time; John F Kennedy’s first official legislative task was to sign off on the development for the Starlifter.

  3. Nice build!! nice to see. I flew in one of these twice, once as a Med evac patient after braking my leg in the Med. another time with my Reserve group, heading for the Med.

  4. She’s a beauty, Allan. Love the finish!

  5. This one look great Allan !!!! I remember seeing ours in the overall Dark Gray colors. Some may have had some green on them too. (It’s been a long time ago……….).

    I think they may have been painted in “Gunship Gray”.

    It’s a huge plane in real life.

    Well done !!!!

  6. Very nice Allan. A nice job on a kit I don’t see too often.

  7. Good looking Starlifter, Allan!

  8. Very nice indeed sir, I like this.

  9. Another nice one Allan! You definitely have a penchant for picking projects we don’t see often!

  10. Yet another very cool plane from you, Allan, immaculately turned out, keep them coming.

  11. Hello Allan,
    Excellent build with a superb finish.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  12. Well done Allen, made one parachute jump from a Starlifter while going through the Army Airborne School. The Starlifter that flew the POW’s out of Vietnam is now displayed in the USAF Museum. Lots of the guys took markers and wrote their names on her bulkhead. Their names are still there and that makes her one historically interesting A/C.

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