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T-55 in the rough

February 15, 2018 · in Armor · · 17 Comments

Just to test out the new site, here's a couple shots of an 'ol fave I built last year. It's got an Aber barrel and Friul tracks, along with scratch made fuel tank straps and fuel lines. The other pic is a trophy I built for one of our ValourCons that was for best airbrush paint job.


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  1. Your T-55 looks really authentic to me. We had a few set up on post for display. The ones closest to our unit had a clear plexi glass sign posted in front of it and on each side. On the plexi glass was painted a gunner's sighting reticle with the words "AIM Here" painted beneath it...

    Well done, and welcome to Imodeler.

  2. Very nice outcome on the kit, my friend...(I like the "trophy", too). 🙂

  3. Thanks gents for the kind words. I am doing another "trophy" for this year's ValourCon in the same vain but with a different paint sponsor. The bottles are twice life size to give you an idea of the size.

  4. Love the build, love the trophy!

  5. Glad you like it Robert, thanks.

    Lima Tango

  6. Great looking T-55! I saw a ton of them in Iraq & you've captured the look exactly.

    That's a cool trophy, too! Very imaginative.

  7. I really what you've done with that T-55.

  8. Fabulous! Awesome armor and a great tank. I wish there was more pictures of this museum quality build!

  9. Thanks Greg, Paul,George, Ringo, I mean, Jeff...LOL..for the kind remarks. This was really my first attempt to "go to town" on a tank kit even though I've been modlin since the early 70's, I never got in to the "weatherin" stuff until recently. SOME of the latest techniques out there as far as weathering, shading, filtering, washing, yadda, yadda, yadda, are for this plastic paster a little over the top at times. If you put together all the "stuff" that's on the market to dress up any given vehicle, you could build a HOUSE...never mind a 1/35 scale model...!


  10. Hey, Laurie. Great build and a beautiful paint job. I'm with Paul, I'd like to see more photos if you have them.
    But you DO know people who build tanks are...oops, promised I wouldn't go there.

  11. Laurie, can you say something about how you found the Friul tracks to make and shape - I have a Tiger lined up for later in the year and thinking of investing in a set - the 'sag' on your '55' looks great.

  12. No worries David, I build anything and everything, so I won't go there either...LOL...!
    As for the Friul tracks, apart from getting a little on the pricey side, are the best way to get that nice "sagged" look which only metal can give there are some skilled chaps out there that can do the look with link 'n' length tracks. The Friul tracks do need pre-drilling of the holes, and to save yourself some fiddly grief, get some really fine brass wire and cut short lengths for the track pins...FAR easier to insert and glue than the spongy wire that comes in the box.

    The other great thing about metal tracks is the fact you can scuff them up after painting to give that nice worn polished look.

    So...GO FOR IT MAN...!

    Lima Tango

  13. Lovely bit of armour! I know from experience those Friul tracks aren't easy to put together.

  14. Thanks Richard, and yup, those Friul links CAN be a test of patience for sure...! There is another company called Spade Ace that makes metal tracks that I ordered for the big D9R Dozer, but I fear they may have same issue...haven't fiddled with 'em yet to say for sure.

    Lima Tango

  15. Cool finishes, Laurie. Very nice.

  16. Hey chaps, I added another pic of the T-55 I found in a file. Hopefully you can see the added on fuel lines.

    Lima Tango

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