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Fw190 for the Jerry Crandall Memorial GB.

July 26, 2022 · in Aviation · · 14 · 1.2K

This is the 1994 kit, built without any modifications or AM other than the decals from Eagle-Cal sheet 48-173. Painted with Tamiya acrylics and Mr. Color lacquers (and Xtracolor enamels for the fabric control surfaces). My third ‘old' Tamiya kit in three months and sixth WWII build in a row.

The build is entirely predictable – in a good way – absolutely no surprises, what did surprise me was just how co-operative (if smelly) Mr Color and Tamiya lacquer paints are. I'm a recent convert and am finding them an absolute joy to work with. Lots of pre-shading, perhaps a little too much and careful weathering with W & N oils – no pre-mixed washes here. The decals behaved perfectly, but then Jerry Crandall prioritised accuracy & quality above all so not surprised by that.

Please feel free to ask any questions or make any comments/criticism. All the best from a wet'n windy New Zealand. (link to the WiP thread here at iM is below).


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  1. Absolutely stunning result, Ian! You made the most of the good Tamiya kit. Painting and weathering are superb, Jerry Crandall's decals are spotless.
    Great build thread, as well!

  2. Nice work Ian!

    Do you guys have a "swastika rule" down there? (just curious)

    • That’s an interesting point Tom.
      When no one can show a historic Symbol any longer , Then only Nazi’s will sport Swastikas !

    • No we don't Tom. I self-censored these pics because I'm also active on a number of FB modelling pages and the Facebook modding bots aren't always too understanding...

      NZ is very much governed by simple common-sense - one of the last places on the planet that relies on collective responsibility and trust. It's 'liberal' with a small 'L' in that way.

  3. Excellent build! I find that I use Mr. Color and Tamiya paints more than anything else. I thin the Mr. Color with Mr. Levelling Thinner, usually about 60% thinner. Mr. Levelling Thinner works beautifully with Tamiya paints as well. I also use 90% isopropyl alcohol to thin the Tamiya, especially for fine detail work. But alcohol WON'T work with Mr. Color. I also use Alclad II and a bit of Vallejo, and Model Master enamels, as well as some of my dwindling stash of precious Floquil, for brush painting details. But Tamiya and Mr. Color are my workhorse paints.

  4. Nice work on this one, Ian. Great paintwork. Mr. Color and Tamiya lacquers are great paints. I use them both regularly along with Xtracolor and Humbrol enamel.

  5. Very nice work Ian.
    Nice to see such appreciation for historic war birds in New Zealand

  6. Excellent build - nice paintwork and weathering.

  7. Speechless, Ian @ij001
    Like mentioned by the other gentlemen, painting and weathering is truly excellent.
    Well done.

  8. Thanks everyone, glad you like it.

    So after six WWII builds in four months including the three similar vintage Tamiya ones, just one more 'prop' to finish over the next few days (the Airfix Dornier) then I'm going to take a break and let my (so-called) skills/enthusiasm regroup. Never built so many projects in such a short time period, maybe semi-retirement does have some advantages afterall.

    All the best.

  9. Well done, Ian (@ij001). Camo is great. Glad to see NZ is still common sense when most everyone else has gone a little nuts.

  10. @ij001: excellent results on this one Ian. Looks terrific.

  11. Ian, very nice work on this, and I really like the scheme !

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