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“Make a Deal”

I am planning a truck , possibly two. But I decided to do a quick build. I do not usually do cars, but I had bought the 'Revell Citroen Sausss Ente', to do a futuristic project, but decided not to go ahead with the project any more. So, I decided to make a wreck out of it, instead. The results is what you see below this post. Hope you all like the end result.

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  1. Another great little dio, Charles...nice work.

  2. Nice, very nice indeed Charles.

  3. How about 50 bucks? Very nice concept! Well done Charles!

  4. Thanks for looking guys.

  5. Great deal! Wonderful dio, Charles.

  6. Always love your dios. This ones great.

  7. A one owner car , used by a little old lady to pick up her groceries and to go to church on Sunday. Never smoked in. Extremely low mileage. Very dependable daily driver.

    Inquire within.

    I really like how your dioramas look. Amazing indeed.

  8. Looks like a burnout to me. Total loss, if I ever saw one. Off to the crusher.

  9. "Crapping out" a model is HARD! You did this great. Love the kitty.

  10. Great attention to detail, Charles.

  11. Very good diorama, it could be a scene from one of those tv shows where the so called “experts” seek old memorabilia and cars to be restored and sold with a fair margin of profit. The 2 cheveux certainly is a classic, and even a chassis like yours, in very poor condition, can be restored. So congrats on a very well presented diorama.

  12. Man that's nice work Charles. Can't figure out why the yellow and red paint is there along with a brush and roller? Anyway you certainly have created an excellent example of a burn out car.

    • Thank you Tom. The paint is there because it adds interest to the scene. It could be that the owner was painting something that is off scene. One could also summize that portion of the ground, was painted using the yellow paint... Your imagination is your only limit.

  13. Very creative. Love the use of the piece of 2x4 as a base, and it all blends into the patina of the dio. Just perfect!

  14. Hello Charles,
    Incredibly detailed. I like it.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  15. Charles, what I love about your dioramas is that each has a very different style, subject, and context. Each needs almost an entirely different skill set from the last; a real testimony to your range of skills.

    Wonderful work on several levels.

  16. Wow Charles, that is really cool. Excellent job.

  17. A great build and well designed diorama, but a sad ending for such an important car. The 2CV had some interesting design targets, such as being able to carry a basket of eggs over a ploughed field without breaking any of them.

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