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1/72 Special Hobby Fw 187A-0

This is my first completed build of 2018, and my first submission to iModeler. It’s also the first scale model I’ve tackled since I was 14 yrs old. And tackle it I did with ’s , released in 2003.

I built it straight out of the box except for a set of Eduard seat belts plus several necessary carving modifications and some scratch building- particularly the poorly thought out landing gear. Not an easy build by any means, this little Fw 187 ends up quite a gem of an obscure Luftwaffe fighter and a good looker, as long as you don’t mess up on the way to the tarmac.

The instructions are vague at best, like the Classic Airframes and MPM/Special Hobby kits of years ago. Surprisingly the fuselage and wing fit was very good considering the lack of locator pins and soft molding. There’s a fair amount of guesstimating where the parts go – particularly in the cockpit and landing gear dept. so check the fit several times before gluing. Included is a not so great, brittle styrene canopy - your only choice. A section of it splintered on me. The decals…well, neither of us liked each other - and I had to raid my decal dungeon so the markings are not accurate. I used various acrylics and the basic RLM 65/71/70 combo and applied very little weathering.

Fortunately there are a surprisingly amount of Fw 187 online reference photos to save the day, but good luck finding the kit. I’ve been staring at mine in my stash since 2006 before I finally dived into it this New Years Day 2018. Even back then I had a hard time finding this kit and personally searched several hobby shops in Europe to no avail before finally scoring it online here in the states.

Only 9 Focke Wulf Fw 187’s saw service in the Luftwaffe. For me, the plane is one of Dr. Kurt Tank’s most attractive designs and it sure looks good in 1/72 scale.

5 additional images. Click to enlarge.

16 responses

  1. Very nice bird Eric, I hop the revisiting of your 1/72 childhood memories was a joyful experience! Kudos, Michel.

  2. Looks like it turned out pretty well after all, Eric - welcome to the site.

  3. First post, Eric, and you are off to a flier...

    A very rare specimen and a very well built Falke. You clearly enjoyed the subject and the challenges (do you have a thing for rare birds in general?). Really tightly built with nice lines. I'll look forward to seeing more of your work.

  4. A great build on an unusual subject!

  5. Very nice! This is a very rare kit. An underestimated plane, possible the best german twin engine fighter of WWII, but they kept the BF110 for political reasons...

  6. Eric, welcome aboard IModeler!
    That kit must have been a fairly typical semicottage moulds SH had in their earlier years, no? It looks great from here

    By the way, one can see the roots for Tank’s later Ta154 Moskito design when looking at the shape of the Falke don’t you think?

  7. Very nice. well done mate

  8. Very nice build. I've done a couple Special Hobby 1/72 kits and know what you mean! Way to "build it into submission!" And welcome to iModeler.

  9. Great aircraft, Eric and welcome to iModeler! I read the Wikipedia piece on this plane and the resemblance to the Ta154 sure is strong, though they state that he designed the 154 totally separately with nothing in common. Except the shape, of course!

    Well done version of a very obscure, but interesting aircraft. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Thanks. I will have to post my build of the Ta-154 one of these days.

  11. Nicely done Eric, looks good, wellcome to iModeler, I hope you will do more 1/72 !

  12. Well done overall! These old short-run kits are quite tricky. I have a half-finished on my "self-of-doom" because I simply got bored with all the necessary corrections. The canopy is an ecxceptional bad fit as I remember (too small I guess) and the nacelles are odd too... You made a really good job on this kit.

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