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1:48 Scale, ICM kit of Dornier’s Do-17Z-2, “Flying Pencil”

Up until recently, the only kit of the Do-17 in this scale, was the old Hobby Craft kit, which really was not a good representation of this famous German bomber. Then came Classic Airframes, which although MUCH better, was a really tough build, and only a really experienced modeler, would have any hope of a decent result, should they decide to tackle it.

ICM, has come out with a real gem, with their series of early Do-17’s, and this will not disappoint. It builds well, with little to no fuss. It has very nice detail for the OOB builders to be happy with, and offers a really good starting point for the “Detailers” to go off the rails with. A decent kit, and I highly recommend it.

This model represents and aircraft of, III Gruppe, Kampfgeschwader 76, (KG76), baed in France during August and September, 1940, during the Battle of Britain.
Model is finished in Gunze Mr Color enamels and Model Master enamels. Decals are from the kit and the spares box…(I always wanted to do the pooping devil)

11 additional images. Click to enlarge.

22 responses to 1:48 Scale, ICM kit of Dornier’s Do-17Z-2, “Flying Pencil”

  1. Another nice build, Frederick (I like that camo job, too).

  2. Great….now I want one

  3. Another good ‘un Freddie. Now, where in the stacks in the closet is mine???

  4. Great build, Frederick. Great finish and I especially like the nose art, the “Pooping Devil!” The Dornier is such an iconic aircraft and it’s great that there is finally a good model of it out there.

  5. Nice job Freddy, from your comments it appears it’s a really nice kit to build. ICM must be on to something as I like it very much.

  6. V good. Another classic type from the Blitz era.

  7. This one is definitely on my wish list. Nice work Fredrick.

  8. Another really fantastic job! I want to build one now.

  9. Our you sure your not working on commission…for sales? 😉 Fredrick your making this ICM look very good indeed. It looks like one of those builds that the manufactures puts on the side of their box to entice the easily impressionable modeler into thinking they can do the same.

    Two thumbs up.

    • Commission? I wish!! This one is definitely a “Three Footer” as it looks great from three feet… Get close and you’ll see where I goofed up. Not the kit’s fault I do plan on building another one, as I found the kit to be that good, and I’ll probably do another BoB bird.

  10. Nice build, I like the nose at!

  11. This is the exact kit I posted a review about a little while ago (a month or so ??). I also have started a build log for a plane with the exact marking as your “Devil” in the Nose Art GB started by Jaime……………… I sincerely hope that mine will look half as good as your kit turned out.

    I like it a lot………………………. well done my friend. 🙂

    • Hi Lewis,
      I had this “Pooping Devil” pic, on an old Super Scale sheet that was literally years old. I wasn’t sure it was going to work out, so I had a back up plan…(Use the kit’s decals was the plan) Fortunately it worked out, and this aircraft is fairly well documented so it was easy to get the side code letter, ‘F’. The kits decals are not bad either and I had no issue with them.
      Good luck on your build, and I am sure it will come out just as nice, if not better than mine! 😉

  12. Freddie, fine looking Dornier! Cockpit looks comprehensive, as does the bomb load. Good to see a kit tat doesn’t require serious redoing, just to get it together, like the Hobbycraft banana fuselage.

  13. Very nice! Reminds me that I’ve got the new Airfix 1/72 bird in the stash – I really need to build it to sit beside my He 111 and Ju 88

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